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Mils Lerano
Home City Balmora
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mils Lerano is a Dunmer who can be found in Balmora. He is the son of Gilan Lerano and the brother of Neria Lerano.

Related Quests[edit]


When you first encounter him, he will be arguing with his father:

Gilan Lerano: "Mils, please if you'd just listen …."
Mils Lerano: "Take care of yourself, Father. You always were good at that."

Mils can be found fishing when you next get the chance to see him.

"Do you make a habit of accepting people while they fish?"
What were you and your father arguing about?
"I dont see how that's any of your business. I've nothing today to my father or those his Telvanni master employs."
Your father works with the Telvanni?
"Whatever this is about, it's no concern of mine. My father managed to leave me out of his life. He can leave me out of his problems too.
You want to talk, my sister Neria works the stables. She tolerates my father's business better than I do."

Speaking with him after this:

"Be on your way."

After bringing the memory stone back to Gilan:

"Oh, you've returned to bother me again."
Your father needs to speak with you. Its about your mother.
"I have nothing to say to that man. What is it about "I don't want to talk about my father" that you can't understand?"
He also said this was about your inheritance.
"I don't want his money any more than I want his apologies! Does that man really think he can buy me off after ignoring me my entire life?
Leave me alone. If Father needs someone to listen to his excuses, ask Neria to do it."

You have two options here:

[Persuade] Doesn't your sister deserve your support?
"You just don't give up, do you?
Fine. I'll endure another few moments with my absentee father. For her. Just let me set aside the fish I've caught today first."
Perhaps I should speak with Neria, then.
"Or perhaps you should stop butting into our personal affairs. Have you considered that?
I have nothing else to say to you. Good day."

Speaking with him afterwards if you failed to convince him.

"I believe I made my wishes clear."

Arriving at Lerano's House:

Wuleen-Ze: "The master went upstairs to rest. He did not wish to be disturbed until you arrived."
Neria Lerano: "Let's go, Mils. He's still your father."
Mils Lerano: "He has an odd way of showing it. "
Neria Lerano: "Father? Mils has come to visit."
Neria Lerano: "Father? Father!"
Neria Lerano: "Oh, Father. I suppose you are with mother at last."
Mils Lerano: "Couldn't resist disappointing me one last time... Good riddance."

Speaking to him after finding Gilan dead:

"Well, he's finally gone. Not that he was ever here to begin with."

The last conversation:

Mils Lerano: "What? A ghost?"
Gilan Lerano: "Neria. Mils. I so regret not being there as you grew up. What I could never tell you is why my life was not my own."
Neria Lerano: "Sssh, Mils. I think this is a memory."
Gilan Lerano: "Soon, I'll be able to share the truth with you. To share everything with you. Thanks to the efforts of this kind traveler, I have archived my memories on this stone."
Gilan Lerano: "I hope one day... You will find it in your hearts to forgive me. And find the father, and mother, you never had here. "
Gilan Lerano: "I love you. I have always loved you. You've both made me so proud."
Neria Lerano: "Father..."
Mils Lerano: "Why? Why couldn't you just fade away like you always do? Why couldn't you just let me forget you?"
Neria Lerano: "Because it's not just about him, Mils, or you. Its a out all of us. Our family, together at last."

Speaking with Mils after the projection:

"I thought I knew my father. I always thought he hated me, and that's why he was never around. I came to terms with that long ago.
I had a father and I hated him. Now he's gone. How am I supposed to face what's in that stone knowing I was wrong?"