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The pockmarked geography of Northern Elsweyr includes more than a few extensive limestone caves, some of which were expanded by Khajiiti miners in search of the quartz crystals prized by the cat-folk.
Merryvale Sugar Farm Caves
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Dirty-Drakes Berserker, Dirty-Drakes Mender, Dirty-Drakes Shade Sentinel, Dirty-Drakes Shadow Mage, Dirty-Drakes Thundermaul, Dirty-Drakes Warpriest
Tenmar BorderlandsNorthern Elsweyr
Beneath Merryvale Farms, accessible through the Storage Cellar
Merryvale Sugar Farm Caves

The Merryvale Sugar Farm Caves are limestone tunnels beneath the Merryvale Farms. They have become the center of a Skooma smuggling ring, run by Saevus Minutius and his band of Dirty-Drakes. The bandits have been tunneling into the local plantations' storage cellars to steal moon sugar for skooma production.

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