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Merilar Severin
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town Outlaws Refuge
Store Uncatalogued Deposits
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Moneylender
Merilar Severin

Merilar Severin is a Dunmer moneylender who runs Uncatalogued Deposits in Slag Town Outlaws Refuge in Brass Fortress.


"It's not hard to be a banker in Slag Town. All you have to do is count higher than ten. The ones down here missing fingers? They have a hard time doing even that."
"Worried about your gold? Don't be. My good neighbors are convinced I'll hex anyone who so much as thinks about stealing from me. And who am I do dissuade them?"
"I didn't always live here, you know. But even a gleaming family name doesn't get you very far if you don't have a hand with magic or gears. "
"I'd watch your gold down here, if I was you. You never know when someone might get desperate. Well, more desperate than this lot already is."