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Find out why Dwemer constructs attacked a Hlaalu caravan.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Mzithumz — Investigate the attack on a Hlaalu caravan.
Quest Giver: Smashed Dwarven Sphere
Location(s): Mzithumz
Reward: Dres Dirk
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 3661
I came across the wreckage of a trade caravan on the road between Mournhold and Narsis. Attacks on caravans don't usually occur this close to Mournhold, and the presence of a Dwarven construct makes this incident even more unusual.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Follow the trail of debris.
  2. Talk to the captive.
  3. Kill the raiders.
  4. Report to Defender Maera.
  5. Find the leader of the raiders in the ruins.
  6. Return to Maera.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When taking the northwest road out of Mournhold, you will see the remains of a caravan, just north of the T-junction. Not only did this incident occur within sight of the Mournhold walls, but it appears that the culprits may have been dwarven constructs. Investigate the wreckage, and then follow the trail of debris northeast.

You will find Lieutenant Silen on the bridge you inevitably come across. talk to her. She suggests you talk to their captive, who informs you that her leader used some kind of device to control the Dwarven constructs, and that the device was damaged. She also tells you that the remaining raiders are planning on ambushing the guards at the entrance to the ruins. Head over to the Dwarven ruins' entrance and kill the remaining Dres raiders. Once you've done this, find and talk to Defender Maera. She tells you that she saw a Dunmer garbed in Dres finery enter the ruins earlier. She's busy here, so she asks you to find him.

Enter Mzithumz to find Ithis Omalor. You may come across Ithis Omalor's Orders in the ruins, which reveal that he is working for Magistrix Vox. You can either let him die in Mzithumz or bring him back to the entrance so House Hlaalu can punish him. Decide how to deal with Ithis, then return to Maera in front of the ruins. She rewards you regardless of whether you left him for dead in the ruins or brought him back to Maera as a captive.

Quest Stages[edit]

Mechanical Murder
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should investigate what happened here. I'll follow the path of debris that leads to the northeast, away from the main road.
Objective: Follow the Debris Path
I passed a dead Hlaalu guard and a couple of wounded traders. There's a bridge ahead, and I see a Hlaalu guard lieutenant. I should speak to her and get more information.
Objective: Talk to Lieutenant Silen
Lieutenant Silen said they'd captured a raider wearing the insignia of House Dres. The lieutenant is concerned about Dark Elf house politics and asked me to speak to the captive.
Objective: Talk to the Dres Captive
The Dres captive told me her leader used some kind of device to control the Dwarven constructs, but it was damaged. She also told me the raiders were preparing to attack the guards at the entrance to the ruins. I should stop them.
Objective: Kill Dres Raiders: 0/8
I stopped the Dres raiders and should speak to Defender Maera at the main entrance to the ruins.
Objective: Talk to Defender Maera
Defender Maera saw a well-dressed Dark Elf head into the Mzithumz ruins with the Dwarven control rod. It has to be Ithis Omalor, scion of House Dres. She asked me to enter the ruins and find him.
Objective: Enter Mzithumz and Find Ithis Omalor
I found Ithis Omalor. I should confront him about his complicity in the caravan attack.
Objective: Talk to Ithis Omalor
☑Finishes quest I interrogated Ithis Omalor and learned that Magistrix Vox sent him to attack the Hlaalu caravan. I refused to grant him leniency for his crimes and sent him running to his death in the depths of Mzithumz.
Objective: Talk to Defender Maera
(Appears if you told Omalor "you either face the constructs or you face me")
I interrogated Ithis Omalor and learned that his superior, Magistrix Vox, sent him to attack the Hlaalu caravan. I agreed to grant him leniency. I should bring him to the Hlaalu caravaneers outside of Mzithumz.
Objective: Lead Ithis Omalor from Mzithumz
(Appears if you told Omalor you were turning him in to House Hlaalu)
☑Finishes quest I accompanied Ithis Omalor out of the Dwarven ruins of Mzithumz. I should speak with Guard Maera.
Objective: Talk to Guard Maera