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ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Home Trespasser
ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Sneaky Housebreaker
ON-icon-achievement-Master Burglar.png Master Burglar
Type Justice Achievements
Points 5, 10, 15
Furnishing(s) Replica Key Blank (image) (000010001,000 Gold)
Successfully pick the lock on [one / fifty / one hundred] locked doors.

Master Burglar and its preceding achievements are awarded for breaking into many locked doors. It is not necessary to actually steal anything from the houses to get the achievements. Simply picking the lock on the door and entering is enough. Unless you are in certain locations added by some of the DLCs and Chapters, actually trespassing in these locations is not a crime (provided you don't steal anything), but picking the lock is, and will earn you a bounty if witnessed. The largest achievement will allow you to purchase a Replica Key Blank for your home. It costs 000010001,000 Gold and can be purchased from any Outlaws Refuge Merchant.