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Location Shimmerene, Orcrest
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Marthine is a Bosmer worshipper of Peryite who travels Tamriel with his fellow worshipper, Filbert Cienne. His goal is to spread the worship of his Prince but many obstacles lie in his way.

He became a worshipper of Peryite after a severe sickness left him on his deathbed. When he survived, the care he received from his neighbors inspired him to spread the word of the Taskmaster. Marthine can be met in Shimmerene, as well as the flu-ridden city of Orcrest in Northern Elsweyr.

Related Quests[edit]



He can be met in Shimmerene with Filbert Cienne during The Dreaming Cave quest. He and Filbert are talking to Razum-dar.

You can speak with him.

"I told Filbert this was a mistake. Peryite protects us, but trying to proselytize on an island where Daedra worship is frowned upon was never a good idea in the first place."

Northern Elsweyr[edit]

Unhealthy Preoccupation[edit]

After Filbert sends you into Orcrest to find Marthine, you'll find him locked in the holding cell by the survivors. This is due to the annoyance he caused. If you have met before, he will remember you.

"I remember you from Summerset! Peryite must have sent you!"


Your friend Filbert sent me. I'm here to set you free.
"I have to find proof that Peryite is responsible for the flu. Or at least something that can be misconstrued as proof.
Gather accounts of the flu and I'll join you. If not, I'll stay right here and die in my own filth. Just like Peryite intended."

You can then ask him questions about himself and Peryite.

Tell me more about Peryite.
"Peryite is the Taskmaster! The Daedric Prince of Pestilence! The Lord of the Natural Order! He maintains balance from Tamriel to the Planes of Oblivion!
Mortals owe everything to Peryite. We're sick with him, but we'd be nothing without him."
Why do you follow Peryite?
"When I was healthy and normal, no one noticed me.
One day, I was afflicted with an exquisite sickness, and the entire town fawned over my deathbed. I survived, but found my true calling as an ambassador for illness. I owe my sick life to Peryite."
What have you been doing since we met in Summerset? (Appears if you met previously)
"Wandering Tamriel to spread the good word of Peryite, along with various ailments.
When we heard about the flu in Orcrest, we ran here as fast as our mucus-filled lungs would allow. A proper pandemic is just what we needed to prove Peryite's power."

If you return to him while searching for supplies:

"It's fine to gather supplies for the survivors, but focus on finding accounts of the flu outbreak. That's how we'll prove Peryite was responsible."

Speaking to him after you have gathered the supplies, but before speaking to Dar'ava about them:

"I know Peryite will come to my aid. At least, I hope he will. Daedric Princes aren't always known for their dependability."

After you have gathered supplies, Dar'ava will hand you the key to his cage. Marthine will perk up when you enter the cell.

Marthine: "Did you find proof that Peryite caused the flu in Orcrest? Unlock this cage, so we can spread his distasteful teachings!"

If you talk to him:

"Hurry and unlock the door!
I can't recruit more followers from the inside of this cage. Trust me, I've tried."

Once you unlock the door, he will run outside:

Marthine: "I'll meet you outside of the city! Peryite willing, we'll catch the flu on the way!"

When meetup with him and the others outside the city, he'll hail you with:

Marthine: "Our hero arrives! We owe you our lives, friend. More importantly, you've done a great service for Peryite."

You can then talk to Marthine to see how he and the others are.

"Thank you for helping me escape Orcrest.
I don't think Filbert could have found more followers for Peryite without me. Honestly, he probably would have just stood in this exact same place until vultures pecked his eyes out. He's not that smart."
What will you do now?
"I'll use the accounts of the flu you found to make non-believers think Peryite was responsible for the flu in Orcrest! People really respect Daedric Princes who can decimate an entire populace.
Do you believe in the power of Peryite?"
Peryite is powerful.
"Fantastic! Let me know when you're ready to become an official follower. All you need to do is constantly praise Peryite and contract a terrible illness. I'll be more than happy to cough on you.
For now, please accept this gift."
Only fools follow Peryite.
"Would a fool live in constant sickness to prove his devotion? Would he travel Tamriel with an idiot in a hopeless attempt to convince others to do the same? It sounds worse when I say it out loud ….
In any case, I owe you. Please accept this gift."

Once you have received your payment, you can talk to Marthine some more. If you said "Peryite is strong":

"Thank you again for finding accounts of the flu outbreak in Orcrest. I can easily twist their words to make it seem like Peryite was responsible. Because he was responsible. Probably. Maybe. All that matters is recruiting new followers, all right?"
What will you do now?
"Let me know if you ever want to travel with us, spreading the word of Peryite.
You won't have to worry about food because people are always throwing lettuce at us. Besides, you'd be surprised what you can find dying on the side of the road."

If you said "Only fools follow Peryite":

"I'm not upset with you. Most people don't respect Peryite's power until they contract a terminal illness."
What will you do now?
"I could have taken you under my wind and made you a proper follower of Peryite, just like I did for Filbert. He used to be the town fool, but look at him now.
Actually, don't look at him right now. Wait until he takes his finger out of his nose."
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