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Marise Rothrano
Location Seyda Neen, Mournhold
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Marise Rothrano

Marise Rothrano is a Dunmer agent of the Tribunal Temple, found at Findun's Goods in Seyda Neen. Upon completion of the quest Breaking Through the Fog, she can be found in Mournhold.

If spoken to, she will say, "Welcome to our shop. Feel free to look around."

In Mournhold, once the quest has been completed, she will say:

"Hello again! I wanted to tell you how much I love Mournhold. It's so much more friendly than Seyda Neen.
When I asked the Ordinators if they wanted my help, they just looked at me funny. I suppose that's all just part of the secrecy."

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

"Welcome to our shop. Feel free to look around."
"The ending of the words is ALMSIVI."
"Keep it down! We don't want to attract undue attention.
But what happened? I thought I was supposed to go to the drop? You didn't come all this way just t give me my reward, did you?"
I have your reward.
"Already? Let me see! Oh, it's beautiful! I love working for the Tribunal. It's so much better than trying to earn a living as a thief in Vivec City.
But where's your helmet? I've never seen an Ordinator out of uniform before."
An Ordinator had you sabotage the lighthouse?
"Oh, right. We're not supposed to talk about Ordinators and the Tribunal in such a public place. But it feels good to be doing holy work for a change! And such a simple task, snuffing out the lighthouse flame.
I mean, ALMSIVI is the ending of words."
One more thing, How did you get past the guards?
"Oh,that was easy! I put a sleeping draught in the ale they ordered for Watch Captain Bethes's birthday. The guards were unconscious within the hour.
I hope I can be of service again. For the Tribunal!"
"And the ending of the words is ALMSIVI./"ALMSIVI is the ending of words."

Getting her to steal a piece of blank Parchment from the governor's office:

"Ah, our special customer! Is there something I can do for you?"
[Persuade]"The ending of the words is ALMSIVI." We have another task for you. [Lie.]


  • Post quest, she can still be found in Findun's Goods in Seyda Neen, but will still give you the "Hello again! I wanted to tell you how much I love Mournhold..." dialogue.
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