Ascending Tide


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Location Coral Aerie — Brackish Cove, Tide Hollow
Species Yaghra Monstrosity
Health Normal2,525,979Veteran4,060,128 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Maligalig is a yaghra monstrosity that serves as the first boss of Coral Aerie.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills & Abilities[edit]

Claw Strike
A basic melee attack dealing moderate physical damage.
Double Strike
Maligalig spreads its pincers apart from its chest, then plunges them down at you, one after the other, dealing very high physical damage with each hit. This attack can be blocked.
Shell Slam
Maligalig slams its shell into the ground, creating a powerful shockwave, dealing high physical damage. This attack has no AoE indicator.
Storm Front
Maligalig raises both of its claws in the air, which summons a storm that follows your movement, indicated by a large circular AoE, dealing continuous high shock damage. The only way to dispel the storm is to move into another AoE that spawns nearby, in the shape of a larger circle with an empty spot in the middle.
At 70% and 40% health, Maligalig rushes over to the center of the arena and floods the arena with turbulent water, which sweeps you away while inside. You must use the "Surging Waters" synergy to launch yourself to all three sides of the arena and defeat the yaghra there, which every group is led by a singular Ripple of Maligalig. Once all are dead, the ability ceases and Maligalig becomes open to attacks once more. Being in the turbulent water doesn't inflict damage.
Summon Larvae
Yaghra Larvae and Yaghra Larva Poppers will spawn from several whirlpools in the arena all throughout the fight to assist Maligalig.


There are several achievements associated with this creature.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Coral Aerie Vanquisher.png Coral Aerie Vanquisher 10 Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion in Coral Aerie.
ON-icon-achievement-Around and Around and Around.png Around and Around and Around 10 Travel two kilometers by Whirlpool during the battle with Maligalig in Coral Aerie.
ON-icon-achievement-Coral Aerie Conqueror.png Coral Aerie Conqueror 10 Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion in Veteran Coral Aerie.
ON-icon-achievement-Tentacless Triumph.png Tentacless Triumph 50 Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion after placing the challenge banner and without gaining the benefits of any Covenants in Veteran Coral Aerie.
ON-icon-achievement-Pressure Front.png Pressure Front 10 Defeat Maligalig without allowing a Storm Front to persist for more than five seconds during the fight in Veteran Coral Aerie.
ON-icon-achievement-Crustacean Cracker.png Crustacean Cracker 50 Defeat Maligalig after placing the challenge banner in Veteran Coral Aerie.
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