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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help the prince make amends for his behavior.
Zone: Eastmarch
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Jorunn's Stand — Help Prince Irnskar strengthen the alliance.
Quest Giver: Hlotild the Fox, Prince Irnskar
Location(s): Jorunn's Stand, Bitterblade's Camp
Prerequisite Quest: Gods Save the King
Previous Quest: Of Councils and Kings
Next Quest: A Council of Thanes
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 4069
Prince Irnskar wants to make amends
The Skald-King and the other Ebonheart Pact leaders have established a base at Jorunn's Stand. While the Skald-King recovers, the leaders need to decide how to deal with Fildgor Orcthane.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Eyes-of-Steel and General Yeveth Noramil.
  2. Complete the leaders' requests.
  3. Talk to Prince Irnskar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Continue talking to Hlotild the Fox to start this quest.

"I've been waiting for you to arrive."
Why were you expecting me?
"Prince Irnskar commanded me to keep watch. He wants to speak to you. He's on the battlements at the east gate, watching the movements of Fildgor Orcthane's troops."
I'll find Prince Irnskar.
"Things are quiet here. For now."

You can ask her about the king's health; he is growing stronger and is commanding troops at Jorunn's Stand. You can also ask about how the prince is getting along with the other rulers. While things are still a little tense, the prince has tried to make amends for his behavior.

The prince is on a wooden bridge overlooking the eastern gate. He wants to regain the confidence of the Dunmer and the Argonians. You must speak to their leaders, General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel.

Eyes-of-Steel wants to measure your worthiness to speak for the prince. She asks you if war makes a person stronger. You can reply it depends, or intimidate her, if you have the perk, telling her to be upfront with her opinion. If you intimidate her, she asks you to challenge Hald Bitterblade, the Stormfist commander, at the east hill and to bring her his head.

General Noramil wants you to make a blood contract. He asks you to use his dagger, Viper's Strike, on cultists to charge it.

You need to gather Bitterblade's head, and power the dagger. Both are to the east. If you follow the path out the east gate, it will take you past lots of Stormfists and Hald Bitterblade is at the end of it, next to the door.

Once you have completed both requests, return to the leaders and give them their requested items. Both of them agree to work with the prince.

Return to Prince Irnskar with the good news.

I completed the tasks for the Argonian and Dark Elf leaders.
"I received word that General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel will meet with me. I'll show them the respect they deserve and work to strengthen our alliance. Once again, your aid advances our cause. You have my gratitude."

Quest Stages[edit]

Making Amends
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Prince Irnskar wants to speak with me. I can find him on the battlements above the east gate.
Objective: Talk to Prince Irnskar
Prince Irnskar asked me to talk to the Dark Elf general, Yeveth Noramil, and the Argonian commander, Eyes-of-Steel. I need to determine if there's a way to reassure them of his commitment to the Pact.
Objective: Talk to General Noramil or Eyes-of-Steel
The philosophical Eyes-of-Steel asks a lot of questions. To prove Prince Irnskar's commitment to the Pact, she wants me to bring her the Stormfist Commander's head. I should see what General Yeveth Noramil has to say.
Objective: Talk to General Yeveth Noramil
I need to prove to the Pact leaders that Prince Irnskar is fully committed to the Ebonheart Pact. To do so, I need to charge General Noramil's dagger in Stormfist blood and bring the head of the Stormfist commander to Eyes-of-Steel.
Objective: Return Viper's Strike to General Yeveth Noramil
Objective: Give Bitterblade's Head to Eyes-of-Steel
I can report my success to General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel. That should improve their relationships with Prince Irnskar.
Objective: Talk to General Noramil or Eyes-of-Steel
Finishes quest☑ I should report to Prince Irnskar and tell him what I did to improve relations with General Yeveth Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel.
Objective: Talk to Prince Irnskar
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