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ON-icon-achievement-Black Market Mogul.png Magnanimous Magnate
Type Thieves Guild Achievements
Points 50
At each Outlaws Refuge within every Alliance territory, as well as the Thieves Den, receive 4000 gold for fencing items.

Magnanimous Magnate is awarded for fencing 4000 worth of goods each at all of the 15 Alliance zones' Outlaws Refuges, as well as the Thieves Den in Hew's Bane. You should pay attention to how much you have fenced at each location - the progress will show up under the 4 sub-achievements that make up this one. If you've already received the required amount from any given city, you'll want to avoid fencing goods at that location until this achievement is complete. Goods fenced at other locations, such as Belkarth, or zones added by the other DLCs and Chapters will not count towards this achievement, nor will goods fenced to Pirharri the Smuggler. This also does not include goods that have been laundered, only fenced.


  • Investing at least one point in the Trafficker skill from Legerdemain is highly recommended for this, as it more than doubles the number of items you can fence per day. Haggling from the Thieves Guild line will also help as it increases the amount of gold for each item.