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Help recover a relic of the Mad God.
Faction: Mages Guild
Quest Giver: Alvur Baren
Reward: Mages Guild Merits
Average Leveled Gold
10 Mages Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
A coffer containing one of the Mad God's relics
Alvur Baren of the Mages Guild wants me to recover a dangerous relic from <zone>.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Alvur Baren in the Mages Guild in Elden Root (Grahtwood), Wayrest (Stormhaven), or Mournhold (Deshaan).
  2. Retrieve the relic.
  3. Return to Alvur Baren.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Madness in Stormhaven

Find Alvur Baren in any of the Alliance capitals and talk to him. He will explain that he needs some help with recovering a few dangerous Daedric relics. Ask Alvur Baren to tell you about the relic, upon which he gives you the quest. After you've got the details, you promise to find and return the relic. The items are all located inside a specified public dungeon, near the Group Event boss.

When you have the relic, return to Alvur Baren in any Alliance capital. Alvur is grateful to you for carrying out the task, comments briefly on the relic that you have retrieved and rewards you with some gold and a special guild crate. The crate contains a random selection of consumables, equipment, and occasionally chapters of the Draugr style motif.

The table below compiles all the names of specific relics, their locations and Alvur Baren's dialogue:

Zone Location Relic Alvur Baren's dialogue at the start Alvur Baren's dialogue at the end
Alik'r Desert Lost City of the Na-Totambu The Longsleeves "The Longsleeves is a straitjacket worn by devotees of Sheogorath. First created for a lost king, those who don it are compelled to follow his ancient mad decrees.

The Order traced it to the Lost City of the Na-Totambu, deep within the Alik'r Desert. Do try to minimize contact."

"Unnerving. How many people were clad in this garment? Why does an ancient, mad king wish to speak through them? Worse, how many would follow?

Always more questions than answers. Perhaps that's the lure of the Mad God."

Auridon Toothmaul Gully Embittering Muzzle "The Embittering Muzzle fits over the mouth and jaw of an asylum patient. Its curse causes the rage to slowly build until the patient ... snaps.

The Order tracked the relic to Auridon. Near goblins, strangely enough. I don't care to know why they want it."

"The Embittering Muzzle was designed to protect caretakers, yet it puts them in even greater danger from their inmate's rage. Such a morbid object."
Bangkorai Razak's Wheel Asylum Earplugs "The Asylum Earplugs are a macabre pair of mummified fingers. When placed in one's ears, they drown out all sound but laughter—some say the Mad God's own.

The Order traced them to Razak's Wheel, a Dwemer ruin in Bangkorai. Though we doubt the fingers are Dwemer."

"Abhorrent. I rarely question the Order's commitment. It is essential to prepare for dangers from the Shivering Isles.

Still ... some tools of the Daedra are best thrown onto a pyre."

Deshaan Forgotten Crypts Ceremonial Cheese Knife "One of the Mad God's rituals to summon Daeda requires "a Ceremonial Cheese Knife." To our chagrin, we recently learned this is a specific relic.

The Order tracked one to the Forgotten Crypts in Deshaan. Recover it before it draws the attention of the temple in Mournhold."

"How utterly pedestrian. There is nothing special about this—nothing at all. To think, something so ordinary could draw forth dark seducers and golden saints from a wheel of eidar cheese.

Or it's just a cheese knife."

Eastmarch Hall of the Dead The About Face ""The About Face" is ... well, there's no other way to say it. One of the Mad God's worshipers sliced off his own visage. It's the severed face with a different expression on each side.

The Order traced it to the Hall of the Dead in Eastmarch."

"Merciful Divines! It's so horrid in person. To think, this can drive a person to euphoric heights or wretched depths—depending on which face is worn.

You might want to wash your hands. Perhaps visit a temple."

Glenumbra Bad Man's Hallows Discordant Fiddle "There is a connection between music and madness—but rarely more so than the Discordant Fiddle. Only those touched by Sheogorath hear it playing in tune.

The Order tracked it to Bad Man's Hallows in Glenumbra—some sort of harvest festival."

"How innocuous. A poorly crafted instrument to most, but the mad few will hear perfectly tuned notes. The more one hears it play, the better it sounds."
Grahtwood Root Sunder Ruins Big Sister, Little Brother "The relic knows as "Big Sister, Little Brother" is particularly gruesome. Two skeletal faces fused together in a child-sized skull.

We tracked it to Root Sunder Ruins in Grahtwood. If it whispers to you ... well, best not to listen."

"Hideous. Stories say this creature was born to one of Sheogorath's favored mortals. Its second face whispered dark secrets and terrible prophecies to these touched by the Mad God.

Perhaps it's best the poor soul did not survive the adulthood."

Greenshade Rulanyil's Fall Wabbajerky "The Mad God's Wabbajack transforms unlucky souls into animals. But if cooked after the fact .... The result is called "Wabbajerky."

The Order tracked some to Rulanyil's Fall in Greenshade. We want it recovered for study. Er ... non-culinary study."

"Absolutely tasteless. I mean the very concept, not the Wabbajerky itself. I have no idea how it tastes. Er, nor will I. Ever.

What I mean to say is the Order thanks you for your valiant efforts."

Malabal Tor Crimson Cove Lucid Liquor "The Mad God's subjects in the Shivering Isles distill spinal fluid from its residents. This "Lucid Liquor" reveals lost knowledge to those who partake.

The Order traced a bottle to Crimson Cove in Malabal Tor—no doubt the pirates think it to be common hooch."

"Peculiar. Shivering Isles residents are said to drink the stuff because it reveals secret truths to them.

The Order will research its function as a "madness curative," something best to have at hand when dealing with the Mad God."

Reaper's March The Vile Manse Ravenous Rodent "Have you heard of a "Ravenous Rodent?" The Mad God's pests—great calamity befalls those who listen to their lies.

The Order learned one was smuggled from the Shivering Isles as a curiosity. I want you to recover it from the Vile Manse in Reaper's March."

"You didn't open the cage, did you? Regardless of what I told you? The Order was quite adamant.

Though I suppose if you had, you wouldn't be standing here. Never mind—job well done."

The Rift Lion's Den Madman's Chalice "The Madman's Chalice provides a "clarity of the mad" to any who drink it. We don't know what this means, but we cannot allow a worshiper of Sheogorath to find it first.

The Order traced it to the Lion's Den in the Rift. Take great care in recovering it."

"Absolutely terrifying. To think, the Madman's Chalice was found among rogue soldiers. What a terrible thing to confuse for a canteen."
Rivenspire Obsidian Scar Mad God's Lost Button "Legends say Malacath plucked the Mad God's Lost Button from Sheogorath's doublet. Followers of Malacath consider it an abomination.

The Order tracked it to the Obsidian Scar in Rivenspire, where it is sought by Malacath's worshipers. Find it before they do."

"So unassuming. The simplest relics can hold great power within. If the Order is right, this button was once worn by the Mad God himself.

And if not, it will end up in a jar with a hundred others like it."

Shadowfen Sanguine's Demesne The Eidar Scrolls: The Merethic Cheeses, Vol 2 "The Eidar Scrolls are, well, cheese-based "prophecy-recipes." When consumed, the results are said to reveal the future, at the cost of one's sanity. A mockery of the moth priests.

The Order tracked the second volume to Sanguine's Demesne in Shadowfen."

"Troubling. The Order believes there are hidden patterns among the recipes and cheese-related observations.

As for me, I prefer the simplicity of rice and fish."

Stonefalls Crow's Wood The Nightlight "The Nightlight casts light and bizarre, dancing shadows in the darkness. The shadows depict events occurring in the Shivering Isles. At least, that's my theory.

The Order tracked the relic to Crow's Wood, a pocket of Oblivion accessible from Stonefalls."

"Curious. This doesn't seem so strange at all. It's almost ... comforting to look at.

Right. Can't let my guard down. I'll have it crated up immediately."

Stormhaven Bonesnap Ruins Uncle Leo's Spectacles "Uncle Leo's Spectacles belonged to a sage who wanted to understand the absolute truth of the world around him. When the Mad God showed him, he flung himself from the highest tower of Wayrest.

The Order traced them to Bonesnap Ruins in Stormhaven. Watch for goblins."

"Fascinating. Perhaps absolute truth is too much for mortal minds.

Or perhaps they were simply too tight for the old sage. Poorly-fitted spectacles would drive me mad."


  • It is possible to share these quests with others.

Quest Stages[edit]

Madness in Tamriel
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find and recover <relic> from <public dungeon>.
Objective: Recover <relic> from <public dungeon> in <zone>
I should return the relic to Alvur Beren in my Alliance capital.
Objective: Return to Alvur Beren
Finishes quest☑ I should return the relic to Alvur Beren.
Objective: Talk to Alvur Beren
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