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Mad Thadrig
Home City Sentinel
Location Frozen Palms Tavern
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar
Mad Thadrig

Mad Thadrig is a Nord beggar who can be found at the Frozen Palms Tavern in Sentinel. He came to the desert from Winterhold.


"Shor's bones! Look what the jackals dragged in! Ha! I'm just yanking your helmet-horns. What'll you have?"
A Nord in the desert?
"Ha! Who'd have thought, eh? I left Winterhold as a pup. All I remember was that cold.
And I'm not talking about those balmy Skyrim winters. I'm talking about Hildrif, that cold-hearted daughter of the jarl. Brrr!"
Looks like you escaped alive.
"Because I got out of there as soon as I could! I traveled the world a bit. Took in the sights, y'know. But I knew I was home when we came ashore here in Sentinel."
Most foreigners I've spoken to complain about the heat.
"To Sovngarde with that! Ship them off to the Pale! Let them pal around with the horkers for a while, then see what they say about the Alik'r.
This is paradise! Stiff salt breeze off the bay, sunshine the whole year round. Paradise, I say!"
What do you think of the Redguards?
"Stout folk. Stiff-backed, of course, but good-hearted. They weren't thrilled about me buying this place at first, but they got over it when they tasted my mead.
They don't laugh as much or as loud as Nords—but they don't fight as much, either."
Have you heard much about the undead?
"If you're talking about the docks, not much. I've heard they walk funny. Sort of bow-legged, like an Elf just out of the saddle. Ha!
We shouldn't talk too loud, though. The locals don't take kindly to folk speaking ill of their dead grandpas."