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Loucel Sette
Home City Wayrest
Location Merchant District
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Loucel Sette

Loucel Sette is a Breton construction worker found in Wayrest. He is one of the people who is constructing the guillotine in the center of the Merchant District. Loucel appears in the game once Another Omen is started.


He talks about his job.

"I'm just glad we're almost done. I'm ready for a break."
"I hear the king's already got Supernal Dreamers he's going to execute here."
"My little brother ran off and joined the Supernal Dreamers. I'm disappointed but I sure hope he isn't caught and brought here."
"Who is this Captain Ernele anyway? Comes back from fighting Ironhand Ogres and wants to boss everyone around...."

After Vaermina's Gambit is complete, his dialogue changes.

"Build it, take it down. Bright side of all this is that I'm getting paid either way."
"So now we have to take the whole thing down? I wish the king would make up his mind."
"I guess there aren't any Supernal Dreamers left to execute. I hear some hero-type wiped out every camp in Stormhaven."
You know I'm actually relieved. The thought of public two wrongs really make a right?"