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Help find a missing friend.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Rabeen-Ei in Alten Corimont
Location(s): Percolating Mire
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 212 XP
Luteema went to the Percolating Mire. He has yet to reply to Rabeen-Ei's correspondence.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Rabeen-Ei in Alten Corimont.
  2. Search for Luteema in Percolating Mire.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

At Alten Corimont, you'll find Rabeen-Ei standing atop the catwalks affixed to one of the ships, writing in a book; when approached, she'll mutter, "These words are so final." Speak to her:

"You've seen me up here, writing? Letters sent, but not returned. Why do I keep writing to him if he doesn't care?
Perhaps the mire has finally taken him. I've been sending letters to a corpse."
Who do you mean?
"Luteema ... we were egg-cousins when we were young. He fell in love and went to the Percolating Mire to follow her. All the while, he was blind to my affections.
At first, he sent letters back. Then none came. I even wrote to his lover to ask what became of him."
What did she say?
"Nothing! There was never a reply.
I'm leaving these swamps. I'm going to go to the drylands. This is my last letter to Luteema. Will you deliver it to him? If not into his hands, then his grave. I fear the worst."
I'll see if I can find him.

Luteema can be found at the Percolating Mire's western entrance. Speak to him to complete the quest — and to learn the truth about Rabeen-Ei's correspondence:

"Keep your head down. The invaders in Percolating Mire are indiscriminate in their killing."
I've brought you a letter from Rabeen-Ei.
"What? I haven't heard from her in years! Why did she decide to write me after all this time? She and Keenash, my wife, did not get along.
But now Keenash is dead. It's comforting to know Rabeen-Ei still thinks fondly of me."

It seems Keenash was keeping Rabeen-Ei's letters from Luteema.


  • Luteema's dialogue doesn't change even if you've already cleared the Percolating Mire.

Quest Stages[edit]

Lost to the Mire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
☑Finishes quest Rabeen-Ei asked me to find Luteena and deliver her last letter to him, whether he's alive or dead.

Someone in the Percolating Mire must know his whereabouts.

Objective: Find Luteema in the Percolating Mire