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Lorene Menillet
Home Settlement Cropsford
Location Outside Antias' House
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Lorene Menillet

Lorene Menillet is a Breton who can be found in Cropsford. She works for Prefect Antias' and does her housework, though she complains about her job she quick to dissuade anyone she thinks is trying to take it from her.

Related Quests[edit]


If you're part of the Covenant and your alliance controls Drakelowe:

"I never expected to see Covenant soldiers in Cropsford. Not sure how I feel about that yet."

If you're part of the Covenant and your alliance doesn't control Drakelowe:

"Watch yourself! This isn't a safe place for soldiers of the Covenant."

If the related quest has not been completed:

"The work around here never ends. I'm just resting for a bit."

Once Heirloom is completed she will instead say:

"That doll was my only toy as a child. We had hundreds of adventures together. Being reunited with her has brought me more joy than you can imagine."
What do you do when you're not resting?
"Anything Antias thinks is beneath her. I get to do her laundry, clean her house, run her errands, and take her cat for walks. Any task that might sully our precious prefect's image, I have to do."
Does it pay well?
"Why? You here to steal my job? You can't have it!
I get a few coins a month, plus all the leftovers I can eat. And I get to sleep on a mat on the floor. With the cat on my face.
At least I'm not moping around town like Ilwen, the loser."


I have something that belongs to you
"My doll! I thought it was lost forever. I hired a man to cart some things from my old home in Hackdirt. I heard his caravan had been attacked and all my goods stolen. I can't ever thank you enough!"

Offerings to Zenithar[edit]

While collecting offerings, a new option will appear in dialogue.

Prefect Antias wants your offering to Zenithar.
"I told her no, not this time. But now she's sent you after me. I give up.
We sacrifice so much to Zenithar, it's a wonder we have any left for ourselves. Very well, here is my share."
I'm sure Zenithar appreciates it.


Occasionally she can be overheard speaking with Ilwen:

Ilwen: "Hey there, Lorene. Busy as usual, eh?"
Lorene Menillet: "At least I work sometimes, Ilwen, unlike you. Go make yourself useful for a change."
Ilwen: "Farewell."

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