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Lord Thanlen
Location Egg Mine Barracks, Urshilaku Camp
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 15,000
39,959 (At Valenvaryon)
Reaction Friendly
Lord Thanlen

Lord Thanlen is a Dark Elf who can be found at the Urshilaku Camp. He has hired a group of ghost hunters to cleanse his property of spirits.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Go down to the lower level of the Egg Mine Barracks and you'll overhear:

Theyo Prevette: "We'll deal with the problem as promised, Lord Thanlen. But we need to hire protection if the ruin is as infested as you say."
Lord Thanlen: "I would employ ghost hunters who can't hunt ghosts. Bah! Just find your help and get to work before I change my mind."
Farwen Temolire: "If only all spirits could be dealt with by simply slashing away at them."

Speak to Thanlen and he'll snap:

"I don't have time to speak to strangers, stranger.
I need to get these imbeciles moving so I can get my property back!"

Approach the camp after getting directions from Theyo Prevette and you'll overhear:

Ashu-awa: "Those ruins belong to Galgalah and his curse. You sent those people to their deaths."
Lord Thanlen: "Your tales of make believe may scare off gullible travelers, but not me. Those ruins belong to me now. My people will be cleansing this "curse" in no time."
Ashu-awa: "You will only join Galgalah's collection of puppets. If we see you again, we will assume you are a vessel of his and kill you on sight. You have been warned."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"These Ashlanders are fools. Stuck in their primitive fictions. Galgalah and his curse are supposed to scare me? Hah!
Wait, who are you? Why are you speaking to me?"
I'm working with the group you hired. I'm supposed to meet them here.
"Well, you're tardy. I sent the others ahead. May as well settle in here, at the rate you move they'll be back before we finish this conversation."
You sent them in alone? I was hired to protect them.
"And whose fault is that? Every day that land sits useless, it's my coffers that suffer. I wasn't about to let Theyo squander our time entertaining the tall tales of these Ashlanders.
The fewer of these "body snatcher" fables they hear the better."
So they have no idea what they're up against?
"Malignant spirits—that's enough to do their job. Or it should be, if they're such experts.
If you'd like to do yours, Valenvaryon is to the east, through the pass."
I'll find them.

Speaking to him again before departing:

"Run along now.
You do want to catch up to your companions, don't you?"

Make your way to the site and tell Theyo what you know. Just then, Lord Thanlen shows up:

Lord Thanlen: "I see the ghosts are still on my land, Theyo, and here you are just standing around."
Theyo Prevette: "So good of you to join us, Lord Thanlen. I'm sure your motivational presence won't be a distraction at all."

Speaking to him after he arrives at the site:

"I don't know who's the bigger fool, me or them. I can't believe I'm paying for this."

After helping, and losing, Farwen, return to the men and you'll see them in a circle ward with Theyo gesturing like he's casting a spell:

Sharz: "My righteous friend, what are you doing with your hands?"
Theyo Prevette: "It intimidates the ghosts when I stand like this. It tricks them into believing that I'm the one wielding this power."
Lord Thanlen: "You look like an idiot."
Theyo Prevette: "Begone, evil spirits! Begone! Oh, hey… it worked."

Speaking with him after creating the ward:

"While I admit this little sphere is impressive, I feel we're just wasting time. The ghosts are out there!"

After speaking to Theyo, he'll say:

"Did Theyo seriously lose one of his people?
One less person I have to pay."

After speaking to the spirit, he and the ward vanish:

Theyo Prevette: "And there goes our ward. Guess Farwen's spell could only hold so long without her being here."
Lord Thanlen: "Ward or not, I expect my land to be cleared and soon."

Speak to Theyo and he'll ask that you go and save Farwen. Theyo will then turn to the other two:

Theyo Prevette: "All right team, we're packing up and heading back to town. Our friend will handle it from here."
Lord Thanlen: "What? What are you talking about? You've hardly done anything! I expect you to clear this ruin, not run away with your tail tucked between your legs!"
Theyo Prevette: "Seeing as you withheld information that's jeopardizing the lives of my team, you voided our satisfaction guarantee. We're leaving, I suggest you follow."

The three fade into the distance.