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Lord Ellic Dorell
Home City Northpoint
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dorell
Lord Ellic Dorell

Lord Ellic Dorell is a Breton noble and the son of Baron Alard Dorell, the head of House Dorell.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Enter the Dorell Manor and you'll hear Lord Ellic enjoying the merriment around him:

Lord Ellic Dorell: "Ah, all the nobles have gathered! What an excellent party!"
Lord Ellic Dorell: "Someone new? How exciting! Come up, come up! You must introduce yourself before you can join the festivities."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"Oh, I know you! You must be the one her beautiful ladyship has been expecting!"
What's going on in here?
"You're just in time for our grand celebration! We're celebrating the new and better life that will soon be ours!
Lady Lleraya is going to honor us with her blessing, and then we will never die!"
Lady Lleraya is a monster.
"Careful, friend. That's the lovely Lady Lleraya you've just insulted. I'll forgive this first slight, but if you persist I will be forced to defend my lady's honor."
You're under some kind of spell.
"Probably, but it's not what you think. We've freely accepted the will of the beautiful Lady Lleraya. She loves us and we're devoted to her every wish and whim."
Where's Lleraya?
"My lady is upstairs. I'm sure she'd love to meet you. And when she tells you about her blessing, about the wonderful gifts she brings, I'm sure you'll fall in love with her. Just as I have. Just as we all have."

He'll then turn to his guests, who now appear as though puppets with their strings cut:

Lord Ellic Dorell: "Friends, fellow nobles, the glorious blessing of Lady Lleraya is almost upon us! Let us prepare ourselves to bask in her presence."

Speaking to him before you go up to confront Lleraya:

"Go on, up the stairs with you. There's no reason to keep the beautiful Lady Lleraya waiting."

Before you go down to the basement, he will still be entranced:

"Isn't she beautiful? And so enchanting! Please, sit beside me and we can gaze upon dear Lady Lleraya together."

After defeating Lleraya and speaking to Count Verandis Ravenwatch, Lord Ellic will appear, dazed and confused:

Lord Ellic Dorell: "What … what happened?"
"By the Eight … who did this? What happened to my people?"
Don't you remember? You were under Lleraya's spell.
"Lleraya Montclair? Yes, she arrived here … she said she was here to help. Then … I can't remember anything else.
Is the rest of Northpoint … is the city safe?"
Many people have died, but I think the city is safe now.
"I … I need to get outside. Find my father.
I need to make sure that Northpoint's all right."
Gather the nobles and head outside.
"Of course. Give us a moment to compose ourselves and we'll meet you outside."

Ellic will once again turn to the nobles:

Lord Ellic Dorell: "People, listen to me. Let's head outside and make sure the rest of the city is secure."
Lord Ellic Dorell: "We'll return for the fallen later. Right now the living need us more."

Exit the manor and you'll overhear the following:

Baron Alard Dorell: "In the name of High King Emeric and in accordance with the laws of the land, I hearby order the arrest of Ellic Dorell for treason and the death of his kinsmen!"
Lord Ellic Dorell: "But Father, it wasn't my fault!"
Baron Alard Dorell: "You allowed an enemy into our city, into our home! Dozens fell to these monsters because you couldn't ignore a pretty face!"
Lord Ellic Dorell: "I never meant for anyone to get hurt. I'm not even sure what happened. Lleraya said she wanted to help and I … I'm sorry."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Apologies won't bring our people back. It won't return honor to our family name. Guards! Take Ellic away."
Baron Alard Dorell: "You are dead to me, Ellic. Dead to me."
Lord Ellic Dorell: "I'm sorry I disappointed you, Father. It won't happen again."

Ellic will be escorted to the nearby stocks.