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This article is about the Khajiit in Selene's Web. For the Argonian in Xal Ithix, see Long-Claw.

Location Selene's Web
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health Normal1262989Veteran1912769 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Longclaw's Daughters

Longclaw is a Khajiit hunter who serves as the first main boss in Selene's Web. He found with his Senche-Tiger pack, consisting of Shadowhiskers, Nighteyes, Heartstalker, and Silentpaw. When they are killed, he will raise them as Senche Spirits.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Arrow Rain
Longclaw fires arrows that rain down into an aoe on the ground.
Mirror Ward
A green shield that reflects damage.


Longclaw's Daughters are revived

Engaging in combat:

Longclaw: "Selene promised Longclaw would hunt tonight. And here you are.
The Forest Mother was right again. See how she takes care of us, my daughters?"'
Longclaw: "Yet this one wonders—what kind of prey walks so willingly into the hunter's lair?"'
Longclaw: "Ah well. We're not picky, are we girls? Fresh meat is good meat, no?
Let's find out how this meat tastes!"'

Once his senche pack is killed, he will raise them:

Longclaw: "You may have taken their lives, but Longclaws's daughters are not gone."
Longclaw: "Selene blessed them with her gift—the gift of spirit life. See their hunt begin anew!"
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