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Online:Litany of Blood (achievement)

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ON-icon-achievement-Litany of Blood.png Litany of Blood
Type Dark Brotherhood Achievements
Points 50
Title Executioner
Polymorph Cadaverous Assassin
Execute all targets listed in the Litany of Blood and collect your reward.

Litany of Blood is awarded for executing the Litany of Blood target in each of the 15 Alliance zones using the Blade of Woe.

The names of the targets are not given, and unlike standard contract targets, they will also not be marked by the black hand. Your only clues are which city they may be found in with a vague description and the cryptic "You will know them by their eye." What this refers to is the fact that every one of the targets is blind in their left eye, which you can see by the fact that there is no pupil, only milky white. Also, unlike normal Blade of Woe victims, they will disappear into a puff of red smoke when killed, and leave a pile of ash.[verification needed — This happened every time for me, but I did see some non-ash bodies killed by other players. Maybe if they've already killed them once?]

Each of these targets will wander throughout the city, so a specific location cannot be given, and you may find that you are not the only player stalking them. They will respawn instantly elsewhere in the city when killed however, so you can keep searching if someone else gets them first. It is possible to find and kill these targets before you are given the quests. If you do so, you will receive credit as soon as you do start the quest.

Zone Clue Target Location
Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon She who reflects the heavens in her gaze and dress, drifting from dance to dance. Cimalire Skywatch
Grahtwood He who is aged and gnarled as the trees, his back bowed but not bent. Dirdelas Elden Root
Greenshade She who surveys the market beneath an auburn veil and keeps silver close to her heart. Caraleth Marbruk
Malabal Tor She who sweeps away the seasons with straw and the swish of her tail. Sihada Vulkwasten
Reaper's March He who clothes his stripes of brown with stripes of gold. Dablir Rawl'kha
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant
Glenumbra He whose dress is as cool as his demeanor and pate as barren as his heart. Cesarel Hedier Daggerfall
Stormhaven She who peers from behind a crimson curtain and marred her face to hide her nature. Alix Edette Wayrest
Rivenspire She who greets death as a sister, her smile joyless and unflinching. Bolaag Shornhelm
Alik'r Desert He who leaves a trail of neat black ropes dangling over a golden cage. Ebrayd Sentinel
Bangkorai She whose heart bears many scars, but does not fear to wear them proudly. Berea Evermore
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact
Stonefalls He who is silver, ash, and fire, draped in copper filigree. Dinor Girano Davon's Watch
Deshaan She who marches beneath a red crest and wields winding steel. Cindiri Malas Mournhold
Shadowfen She who is caked in mud but wears a halo of bone, bright and untouched by mire. Gideelar Stormhold
Eastmarch She who bears time at her waist, but for whom age has not robbed her golden crown. Hakida Windhelm
The Rift He whose arms are coiled and stained with the ink and weeds of the sea. Eldfyr Riften