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Lieutenant Ergend
Home City Evermore
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Lieutenant Ergend

Lieutenant Ergend is a Breton found in the city of Evermore. He can be encountered at any one of five possible locations (see notes below). Speaking to him will start A City in Black, and he'll point you to Sergeant Antieve.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

A City in Black[edit]

When you approach him, he says, "You're just the type Sergeant Antieve is looking for."

Talk to him and he'll continue:

"I hope you'll forgive me for making assumptions, but ... well, you look like someone who knows how to fight. I mean, if not, then you certainly fooled me.
If you do know how to fight, well then, we could really use your help."
What do you need help with?
"Defending the city. If you're going to be sticking around, you're probably going to be defending yourself one way or another.
If you're willing though, Sergeant Antieve asked me to send any tough-looking types his way. He's at the west gate."
I'll go speak with Sergeant Antieve then.

If you speak with him again, he points you in the sergeant's direction:

"Sergeant Antieve's at the west gate, by the bridge to Stormhaven."


  • Ergend can be found at one of five locations:
  • At each of his initial locations, he will have a random appearance (hair and facial hair), though he always wears the same leather armor.