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Lady Lleraya Montclair
Home City Northpoint
Location Ravenwatch Castle, Dorell Manor
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959 (friendly), 146590 (hostile) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Friendly → Hostile Class Bonelord
Other Information
Faction(s) House Montclair
Condition Vampire
Lady Lleraya Montclair

Lady Lleraya Montclair is a Breton vampire and the daughter of Baron Wylon, the head of House Montclair. She has been tasked by her father to lead his armies across Rivenspire, and she eventually faces you head on in Dorell Manor.

Countess Eselde Tamrith says she was a sweet girl. In her now vampiric state, a now cruel Lleraya uses her vampiric powers to seduce others into bending to her will. Her magic involves casting powerful veils.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dream-Walk Into Darkness[edit]

While experiencing Verandis' memories, Lleraya can be interacted and spoken with. In the first memory she is at her mother's bedside, begging her to take her medicine.

Lleraya Montclair: "Mother … please. You have to take the medicine. Reezal-Jul can help you!"
Baroness Leila Montclair: "Oh, sweet daughter, I can't go on like this. I don't want to spend my final days as an experiment. Instead, let me spend them with the ones I love."

When she is spoken to as Verandis:

"Verandis, you must tell me. Why did this happen to Mother? Of all the people of Shornhelm, why her?
Please tell me there's a way to save her. You're powerful. You have to do something!"
I'll do what I can.
"I know you will. You've always been so gracious. A man who would do anything for those he cared about.
I … no, now's not the time. We'll talk again later."

In the second memory, the group is celebrating Baroness Montclair being healed with the Ayleid relic. Lleraya is somewhat drunk.

Lleraya when she was human
"Count Verandis. Hello. It's … um … good to see you. I hope you're well.
What am I saying? Of course you're well! You're a vampire! Oh, sorry. Don't mind me. I must have had a little too much wine."
You seem distracted. Is everything all right?
"Right as rain, now that Mother's back on her feet.
I was thinking … I wanted to find a way to thank you. For all you've done for us. Maybe next time you're in Shornhelm, I can make you a nice meal."
Lleraya, you know I never eat … food.
"I—oh! By the Divines! How embarrassing. Well, how about you feed on me instead? Oh! I can't believe I just said that.
Pardon me while I slip away and find Reezal-Jul. Maybe he has a potion I can drink to make me forget this awkward moment."

The third memory has the group climbing the up the Doomcrag in a bid to permanently heal the Baroness.

Baroness Leila Montclair: "We shouldn't have left the guards behind, Wylon. Who knows what else we're going to run into?"
Lleraya Montclair: "There was no choice, Mother. You're getting worse and we can't wait for them."
Gwendis: "I'll stay here and protect the way out. Keep watch in case the guards catch up with us. The rest of you need to keep moving."
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Thank you, Gwendis. At least you retain a sense of honor."
Baroness Leila Montclair: "Wylon, you have to stop blaming Verandis. This wasn't his fault."

After defeating some of the undead defenses:

Lleraya Montclair: "Come on! Mother doesn't have much time left."

Once at the Remnant:

Baron Wylon Montclair: "Have no fear, my darling Leila. Soon the light will wash away your pain."
Reezal-Jul: "It's going to work, Baron. The power of this ancient Ayleid remnant … it's almost overwhelming."
Lleraya: "You're going to be all right, Mother. Just hold on."
<The Remnant begins to activate>
Baron Wylon Montclair: "The remnant will make you like new, my love! You'll be reborn!"
Lleraya: "Something's … happening. I feel … the power!"
Baroness Leila Montclair: "Wylon! Something feels … wrong …."
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Verandis, we need you! We need your power! Quickly! Touch the relic and help us!"
<Verandis adds his power to the ritual.>
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Anyamis alata! Malatua latta mitta jorane mori!"
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Vasha anya belda sancre!"
Lleraya: "Father … what … what's happening to us?"
Reezal-Jul: "It's working! It's working! Soon the power will be ours to command!"
<The Baroness turns into a bloodfiend>
Baroness Leila Montclair: "No! What … what have you done? This isn't me! I … I never wanted this!"
Baroness Leila Montclair:' "Please, Verandis. Help me! Make it stop! I … I can't stand the pain."
Baroness Leila Montclair: "End this, Verandis. End this before I … arrgh!"
<Verandis kills Leila>
Baron Wylon Montclair: "No! Verandis! What did you do to Leila? What did you do?"
Baron Wylon Montclair: "You'll pay for that, vampire! I have the power now. Nothing can stop me from reaching out and snapping …."
Gwendis: "Verandis? Montclair, no! Come on, Verandis, we need to get out of here!"

The Liberation of Northpoint[edit]

"Well, well, well, you're not at all what I was expecting."

Entering Dorell Manor, her voice beckons you to find her.

"You might as well come up. I know that you're here."
"I can take your pain away. I can make you feel so much better."

She is waiting for you, sitting on her bed.

"Well, well, well, you're not at all what I was expecting. That makes this so much more exciting."

You can then talk to her.

"Let me take a look at you. So you're the one who dispatched my father's pet Argonian? Well done, by the way. Well done. I'm so glad you're here. I was becoming dreadfully bored with Ellic and the rest of these silly nobles."
Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you.
"Isn't it fascinating? You want to strike me, but your weapon hangs loosely at your side. I wonder why that is? Oh, I know! It's because I will it. This is my world now. I feel your desire to please me, and I can use it to make you do as I wish."
What are you doing to the nobles?
"You believe the nobles are in danger? You want to save them? How sweet! They love me. They have given themselves to me. Thanks to the Remnant, I am their god. And now I also have you, the hero that Verandis presumed to use against my father and me."
I'm going to stop you.
"You're trying to resist me? Oh, what sport we shall have! But first, I have duties to perform. Come, join me downstairs. We must attend the celebration. Perhaps I'll even honor you with the first dance—before you try to kill me."

She then disappears, but you can hear her speaking below:

Lady Lleraya Montclair: "Northpoint has given so much to me already. So many devoted worshipers. So much blood. Soon, all of Rivenspire will do the same. And then all the lands beyond!"

After breaking her spell with the help of Count Verandis, you meet her again in the throne room.

Lady Lleraya Montclair: "As usual, Verandis once again ruins my fun… I guess I'll just have to destroy you now. Pity. But I can always get another pet."

She will then become hostile and as she fights she will continue to speak with you.

Lady Lleraya Montclair: "You hate me, don't you? Why does everyone hate me?"
Lady Lleraya Montclair: "See how the people love me! They even share their life essences with me!"

You may also hear her accusing Verandis, who witnesses the fight through his projection, of resenting her:

Lady Lleraya Montclair: "Why do you hate me Verandis? Why can't you love me?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "This should never have happened this way. Look how my efforts went astray."

Skills and Abilities[edit]

During the battle she will use orbs of Life Essence to heal herself.

Summon Abomination
Lady Lleraya will summon a flesh atronach, bone colossus or ghost to fight. The summon will die if the Lleraya is killed.
Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Entropic Bolt
A basic ranged attack that does minor magical damage.
Closed Fist
The enemy casts a rune on the ground that activates after a while, rooting players who step in it. This attack does no damage and can be simply avoided. The root can be escaped by roll dodging. This attack can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance.



  • Since the Redguard Style was updated in 2014, her original outfit as a vampire has been automatically changed to something less revealing.
  • While in Verandis' vision of The Doomcrag, she will simply be named "Lleraya" instead of her full name and title.
  • She is the author of Letter from Lady Lleraya and Lleraya's Orders.