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The honored Breton royalty of the last three thousand years has been buried at the great cemetery of Cath Bedraud. But occasionally there has been a king or queen whom it seemed more appropriate to bury … elsewhere. Spaces are reserved for these unsavory rulers in the Tomb of Lost Kings.
Quest Hub:
Tomb of Lost Kings
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Daggerfall Covenant
Discovery Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Carious Ravagers, Carious Warriors, Carious Hunters, Guardian of the Vault
King's GuardGlenumbra
Northeastern Glenumbra, south of Crosswych
The Tomb of Lost Kings

The Tomb of Lost Kings is a crypt in northeastern Glenumbra, south of Crosswych. Lady Laurent's Excavation camp is located outside the entrance.

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A map of the Tomb of Lost Kings
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