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Knockback is an effect which pushes an enemy away from you. This is an effective way to avoid damage from melee enemies. It can be useful to combine it with a Charge skill which must be used at a distance.


Skill Affects Cost Notes
Dragon Leap (Draconic Power) All Nearby Targets 125 Ultimate Around your landing point
Take Flight (morph) 110 Ultimate
Piercing Javelin (Aedric Spear) Single Target 4050 Magicka Can be used at range
Binding Javelin (morph) 3893 Stamina
Scatter Shot (Bow) Single Target 3240-2970 Stamina Can be used at range
Magnum Shot (morph) Also knocks you back
Flame Touch (Destruction Staff) Single Target 4050 Magicka Melee range only
Flame Clench (morph) 3802 Magicka
Flame Reach (morph) Can be used at range
Meteor (Mages Guild) Targets in Range 200 Ultimate Can be used at range
Dizzying Swing (Two Handed) Single Target 3240 Stamina Melee range only


  • The Death's Wind set has a chance to knockback all nearby enemies if you are damaged while below 35% Health.