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Kjarg the Tuskscraper
Location Icereach Underkeep
Species Giant
Health Normal5,472,954Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Icereach Coven
Kjarg the Tuskscraper

Kjarg the Tuskscraper is a giant who is the "son" of Sister Gohlla of the Icereach Coven. He can be found in the Icereach Underkeep and serves as the first boss for the dungeon.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

In Veteran, additional Frost Atronachs will be summoned during this fight.

Hammer Swing
Basic melee attack dealing high physical damage.
Frost Slam
Kjarg winds up his hammer before slamming it down on the ground with force. The initial blow deals very high physical damage, and it is followed by five ice shockwaves being sent out from the hit radius, dealing high frost damage and snaring you. This attack can be blocked but it is better to avoid it.
Frost Scrape
Kjarg swiftly rakes his hammer across the floor and sends out five ice shockwaves in a forward arc towards you, dealing very high ice damage and staggering you.
Kjarg will periodically become enraged and start to glow during the fight, greatly increasing his damage output. The only way to remove this effect is to lure him to a crystal pillar that Sister Gohlla will summon and make him use Frost Slam on it. The frost explosion from the shattered pillar will make him recoil and stip the enrage buff.
Ice Tornado
During the fight, Sister Gohlla will periodically summon a large ice tornado, indicated by a large circular AoE, that will swirl around the arena in your general direction, dealing continuous high frost damage while inside and snaring you.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

While searching for survivors of the Nord forces who were shipwrecked on the island, your progress through the keep will be blocked by the giant and one of the witches. He will be eager to kill you on his mother's behalf.

Sister Gohlla: "More intruders? Marvelous. On your feet, my sweet boy. Smash them for mother, won't you?"

Engaging him in combat:

"I stomp them to pieces!"
"Grakh vahg nool! You die now!"
"Mother want you dead. Have to please mother!"
"Hammer wants blood!"

Idling before engaging combat:

"I break bones good."
"Lurag gret grool."
"I kill it for you, mother."
"Hammer crush skulls flat …."

When he enrages:

"Die, little rats!"
"No, no, no! You die now!"

Once as Kjarg is killed:

Sister Gohlla: "You dare kill my pets? My sweet boy? You'll pay soon enough …."

Sister Gohlla then teleports away.

Group wipe:

"Everything dead now, mother."
"Dead, dead, dead. Brul gra hoak."
"Stay down."
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