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King Torug
Location Coldwind's Den
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
King Torug

King Torug is a ghostly apparition that can be spoken with while searching for Coldwind's Skull. He was the first king of Orsinium and a member of Clan Igrun.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will be present in Coldwind's Tomb and will speak to you:

"Coldwind's tomb was to remain buried under ice until a true Hero of Wrothgar walked the land. Now you disturb the dust in her resting place.
Why are you here?"
I'm here for Coldwind's skull.
"Brazen ignorance. Of course.
You don't understand what you ask. Coldwind has a special place in my legend, and I in hers."
What must I do to retrieve Coldwind's skull?
"In this tomb are the items I used to win over Coldwind's trust.
Return each to its proper home, so you may return to yours."

At this point you will need to correctly place the items in the correct brazier within the tomb. When you place each one, he will speak a line from Torug and Coldwind's legend:

Blood of the North
King Torug: "Torug spilled his own blood to draw out the great snow bear."
Water from the East
King Torug: Torug brought clean water to slake the snow bear's thirst"
Meat from the West
King Torug: Torug brought Echatere meat to fill the snow bear's hungry belly"
Fire from the South
King Torug: Torug brought fire to warm the snow bear's frozen hide."

Once all the items are placed correctly, Torug will conclude the story and the skull will appear:

King Torug: And Coldwind accepted King Torug's offerings—for he had come as an equal and not as a master".

If an item is placed in the wrong brazier, King Torug will insult you:

"Sad … just sad."

After collecting the skull, if you speak to him again, he'll will be confused why you are sticking around:

"Not sure why you're waiting around this old tomb. Wasn't taking my friend's skull enough?
I built Orsinium with my own two hands. I don't know how haunting works, but I'll figure it out."