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Keeper Uxith-Ei
Location Hatching Pools
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Keepers of the Shell
Keeper Uxith-Ei

Keeper Uxith-Ei is an Argonian keeper who is responsible for tending to the eggs found at the Hatching Pools.

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Children of the Hist[edit]

Keepers of the Shell[edit]

He seems frustrated with the Dominion presence at the Pools.

"If you're another Dominion retainer come to mock our hatching ritual, we won't stop you. Not that we have a choice."
Vicecanon Servyna sent me to learn the Dominion's plans.
"The Dominion tells us nothing. Those who left, they killed. Those who stayed, they let live.
We don't know why. We continue to prepare for the hatching. They haven't stopped us from that, yet."
What can I do to help?
"As we speak, the eggs grow moist. Before we begin the hatching, I wish to know the Dominion's intentions. But endangering yourself on our behalf isn't something I can ask."
I can handle the Dominion.
"Then go, light the braziers in the Xanmeers of First Light and Setting Sun. As you walk amongst the Dominion, listen with care. We must know if they mean us harm.
And look for Assistant Telixith. If she … still lives, inform her I'll need her assistance."

You can ask him about the task at hand after accepting the quest.

"If you wish to help, you should wear the clothing from that chest. The Dominon will see another assistant and leave you be.
But you haven't spent much time around the Hatching Pools, so their tigers may pick out your scent. Do what you can to avoid them."
In Ten-Maur-Wolk, I was shown a vision of the Mnemic Egg. What is it?
Now leave me, I really must prepare the ritual."
[Intimidate]If you don't tell me what the Mnemic Egg is, you're putting all our lives at risk.
"Very well. When we die, our memories return to the Hist. When one of the Hist dies, it gives seed to a Mnemic Egg.
Everything it witnessed—everything we witnessed—is contained within that Egg."
And if something were to happen to it ...?
"Those memories would be lost and the Hist would suffer. We would suffer."
I want to know more about the Mnemic Egg.
"I'm sorry, but we do not have time. Ask me later, when this is over."

Returning to him:

"The braziers burn atop the Xanmeers' pinnacles. Tell me, what have you learned of the Dominion's plans?"
After the hatching, they'll kill everyone in the Hatching Pools.
"There must be more to it than massacre. What can they achieve by waiting before slaughter? They could kill us now and have done with this place.
Something sinister is at work, but we have no time. The hatching will soon begin."
Vicecanon Servyna will arrive soon with reinforcements.
"Then there is hope.
As the hatching approaches, the Dominion will likely observe the ritual. Would you stand with us, despite the danger?"
I'll stand with you.
"Then we should begin."

The Keepers of the Shell begin the hatching ritual.

Keeper Uxith Ei: "The time of hatching has come. We gather by the boughs of the Hist ...."
Keeper Uxith Ei: "What have they ... no, this cannot be!"
Keeper Uxith Ei: "Bark and birth! What have they done?"

Assistant Ahaht-Ei dies on the spot.

Assistant Telixith: "Ahaht-Ei! No!"
Keeper Uxith Ei: "The Dominion .... They'll doom us all!"

Speak with Keeper Uxith Ei.

"The Hist ... our link is gone!"
What happened?
"I cannot feel the Hist. This must be why the Dominion waited. To see if the hatching would fail."
What do you mean?
"Without the Hist, the eggs can't hatch. Now there is only void! I feel it, forming around the tree.
You saw what it did to Ahaht-Ei. The same will happen to our unhatched eggs!"
What can I do to help?
"I'll offer myself to Sithis, in exchange for holding back the void. It must be done. Save the unhatched eggs!"
I'll save the eggs.

Speaking with him again:

"Keep the eggs from the void. Protect our future!"
Keeper Uxith Ei: "Sithis, I implore you! Shield our unhatched eggs from the void!"

As the eggs continue to die, he will lose strength.

Keeper Uxith Ei: "There's no time. Run!"
Keeper Uxith Ei: "I can't hold back the void for much longer!"
Keeper Uxith Ei: "Return to the void. Return. Return ...."