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Location Tower of Vastarie, Laeloria
Species Winged Twilight
Health (?)
Reaction Varies

Irrai is a winged twilight who can be found in Vastarie's Tower, near Laeloria.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

needs stuff from beforehand
"You could be Molag Bal himself for all I know. I'd still help you open the door, Lord of Brutality or not.
You aren't him, are you?"
yes I am Molag Bal
"No you're not. Not enough horns.
And you don't smell of rotten meat. Molag Bal has terrible hygiene, even a scamp knows that."
"Good, good.
I'd expect the Harvester of Souls to be taller."

Inside Laeloria, you and Irrai will encounter the still very alive and very angry Vastarie. You learn that Irrai once betrayed the wizard and lured her into this trap, as she planned to do with you. Help her battle the treacherous Daedra. When sufficiently hurt, the winged twilight will try to escape and Vastarie follows her around the room to finally pin her down.

When you talk to Irrai, she will be defiant. You will have the choice of either imprisoning her in the Sigil Geode or killing her outright, though you can ask her some questions before making the decision.

"It doesn't matter what you do to me. You'll be dead, or trapped for a thousand years!"
Why would you betray your Prince?
"Molag Bal is my Prince, you fool! I let Vastarie believe I was Azura's servant, just as I let you believe.
I led you into Coldharbour's grasp. Morsels for the God of Schemes, to pick from between his teeth."
If Main Quest has not been completed:
If Main Quest has been completed:
I already escaped Coldharbour. I can do it again.
You can never truly escape Coldharbour, soul shriven. My Prince always gets what he wants. If you escaped, it's because he allowed it.
When I fought Molag Bal, I broke a few of those teeth.
"My Prince is Endless. No mortal can defeat him.
I do hope you find Culanwe and gaze upon the instruments of her torment. One day it will be you upon the rending pinions, and I will bask in your boundless woe."

:<Imprison Irrai in the sigil geode.>

If you decide to continue talking, you can ask her about her feelings on imprisonment:

Won't you care if I imprison you in the sigil geode?
Do it! I've spent countless centuries imprisoned in a tablet. That stone would be a delightful change of scenery.
Perhaps the banekin will pick it from your corpse and bring me to my Prince. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
<Imprison Irrai in the sigil geode.>
<Kill Irrai.>


  • She is only available during the quest.
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