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Home City Port Hunding
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Irien is an Altmer who is found across the water from the Grave on Stros M'Kai. When you first encounter her, she is fretting about Jakarn, who has gotten himself imprisoned. She will later follow him as a member of Captain Kaleen's crew and then eventually join Lambur's crew, enjoying life at sea.

Irien appears to always keep an eye on Jakarn due to him sleeping with other women. If you destroyed the Relic in Carzog's Demise, she will also state that you have made the right choice to destroy it, for a power like that cannot be in anyone's hands.

Related Quests[edit]


Innocent Scoundrel[edit]

Stros M'kai[edit]


If you destroyed the relic:

"For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing, destroying that relic. Magic that powerful should not be in the hands of Men."
You're sailing with us?
"Of course. I'll pull my weight, unlike Jakarn.
He's not getting near another woman until I'm too old to stop him, and we Altmer live a very long time."


Irien can be found on Captain Marck's ship.

"Well, now. What brings you to our humblr abode?"
You're sailing on this ship now? What happened to the Spearhead?
"I joined Kaleen just to make Jakarn miserable, but I found I rather like the sea. It's not a bad life.
I won't fight against my countrymen, but Captain Marck isn't involved in the war against the Altmer. I'm happy here."


She can be found in the marketplace.


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