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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Search a dark forest for signs of the Fighters Guild.
Zone: Coldharbour
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: The Moonless Walk — Rescue the Fighters Guild from the Moonless Walk.
Quest Giver: Abandoned Pack
Location(s): The Moonless Walk
Next Quest: The Shadow's Embrace or An Unusual Circumstance
Concurrent Quest: The Army of Meridia
Reward: Fighters Guild Visor
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
I came across an abandoned pack at the edge of a dark forest. The pack suggests that members of the Fighters Guild might have been here.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read Captain Alphaury's Journal at the camp.
  2. Follow the placed blades to Faraniel.
  3. Collect three pieces of Spriggan Bark.
  4. Talk to Faraniel.
  5. Use the bark on a wisp of light, and follow the Shadow Runner.
  6. Talk to Sergeant Kamu.
  7. Decide to help the Shadow Walkers or the lamia.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Between the Moonless Walk and the Library of Dusk Wayshrine, there is an abandoned pack in a camp. You search it and find a signet showing the pack used to belong to a member of the Fighters Guild. You decide to look around to find out what happened to the Fighters Guild members.

Tracking the Guild[edit]

Next to the pack, you find Captain Alphaury's journal.

Now you need to find the Fighters Guild members. This is to the southwest of the camp. The quest marker points to placed blade, from which you must travel west. This leads to a campfire, and Faraniel appears.

She says the Shadow Walkers will kill the Fighters Guild members. However, she wants to help you save the guild members. She suggests following the trail of placed blades.

You travel northwest to another placed blade, this time pointing east. At the campfire, you see Faraniel standing over a dead body. She says the other soldier, a Khajiit escaped the Shadow Walkers. She can't kill the other members of her clan, but she can help you find the Khajiit. She says you need to be able to spot the Shadow Walker runners. To do this, you need to collect three pieces of spriggan bark and infuse them with the wisps of light.

The Shadow Runner[edit]

You can collect spriggan bark from the bodies of dead spriggans. After you collect all three pieces of spriggan bark, bring them to Faraniel. Touch the bark to a wisp of light, then cross the Ayleid bridge. You will find a runner you can follow. If the effect wears off, you can touch another wisp.

Lamia or Shadow Walkers[edit]

Follow the shadow runner, until you come across a fight between the Shadow Walkers and the Khajiit, Sergeant Kamu. He says the Fighters Guild heard voices calling for help. Captain Alphaury figured out they were coming from the tower. You send Kamu to the Hollow City, but you can ask his opinion on the situation before he leaves. He would choose Faraniel, but the lamia did help him.

Both Faraniel and the lamia claim to know how to get inside the tower. Faraniel says you can convince her clan to stop killing outsiders because you know about the Planemeld and Molag Bal's treachery. The lamia wants you to stop the slaughter of her people, and she adds that the lamia never made an agreement with the daedric prince.

Talk to whomever you want to side with and promise to help them. This completes the quest.


  • A second abandoned pack can be found between the Spurned Peak and the Moonless Walk, allowing this quest to be started from the northern road. In this case, the journal at the camp is a Note from Kamu.

Quest Stages[edit]

Into the Woods
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should search the camp and see if I can determine what happened to the Fighters Guild members who recently occupied the place.
Objective: Search the Camp
(Depending on where you are read either Captain Alphaury's Journal or the Note from Kamu)
I should head into the woods and look for signs of the Fighters Guild members. The journal suggests that I start out by heading west and then southwest.
Objective: Find the Fighters Guild Members
Objective Hint: Follow the Direction of the Blades
At a campfire that was still burning, I found one of the Fighters Guild members. He was dead and Faraniel stood over his body. She claims she didn't kill him. I should talk to her and see what she knows.
Objective: Talk to Faraniel
The best way to save the remaining Fighters Guild soldier is to follow the Shadow Walker runners. But to see these near-invisible Wood Elves, I need to collect the bark of a spriggan.
Objective: Collect Spriggan Bark: 0/3
I collected spriggan bark, as Faraniel directed. Now I should bring the bark to her so she can tell me how to use it.
Objective: Bring the Spriggan Bark to Faraniel
If I touch the bark to a wisp of light, I should be able to see the Wood Elf runners. Faraniel told me I could pick up their trail on the other side of the bridge. Hopefully, they'll lead me to the missing Fighters Guild member.
Objective: Follow the Shadow Runner
Objective Hint: Cross the Ayleid Bridge
Objective Hint: Use the Wisps of Light to See the Runners
Objective Hint: Follow the Shadow Runner
Hidden Objective: Find the Khajiit Soldier

(Once you have followed the Khajiit Soldier to missing Fighters Guild member, the following will appear.)

Objective Hint: Rescue the Khajiit Soldier
I found the Fighters Guild member. It looked like a lamia was protecting the Khajiit from a gang of Wood Elves. As I battled the Wood Elves, the Khajiit ran off. I should follow and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Sergeant Kamu
Sergeant Kamu was trying to get into the tower at the edge of this dark forest. Both the lamia and the Wood Elf claim to know how to get inside. I should decide which of the two to ask for help.
Objective Hint: Ask Sergeant Kamu for Advice
Complete one: Ask the Lamia for Help or Ask the Wood Elf for Help
☑Finishes quest Sergeant Kamu was trying to get into the tower at the edge of this dark forest. Both the lamia and the Wood Elf claim to know how to get inside. I should decide which of the two to ask for help.

(Depends on who you decide to side with.)

Objective: Talk to Faraniel


Objective: Talk to Tzik'nith
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