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Home City Evermore
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Old Model

Imrazan is a Redguard bound at the stocks located on the south side of Evermore, just northwest of the bank. He came from the city of Hallin's Stand to spread the word about its fall to the Seventh Legion. He was then arrested by the guards for telling half-truths and paranoid delusions.

He complains about his situation to you: "This is absurd! I have committed no crime, and they are just going to leave me here ... I would say to rot, but I will never get that chance. I'll be speared through when the city is taken, and then these damned crows will eat my remains!"

Related Quests[edit]


During A City in Black, you can ask him some questions.

Why did they put you in the stocks?
"For speaking the truth. Nothing more.
The Imperial army has just conquered the largest city in southern Bangkorai, and mark my words—they will come here next."
How do you know this?
"Because I have just come from Hallin's Stand. The Imperials infiltrated the city and seized it overnight. They enslaved half the population.
They will do the same here. But when I suggested this to the guards, they locked me up."
Why would they lock you up for that?
"They said I was spreading half-truths and paranoid delusions. They said the people here have enough fear with the Reachmen and cannot afford to hear my ravings.
Please, you must get me out of here. I don't want to be eaten by crows!"
I'll see what I can do.