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Huntsman Heartfinder
Location Rink of Frozen Blood, Maelstrom Arena
Race Huntsman Gender Varies
Health Normal11,644Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile Class Pet Ranger
A female Huntsman Heartfinder
A male Huntsman Heartfinder

Huntsmen Heartfinders are Huntsman pet rangers fought during Stage 5: Rink of Frozen Blood in Maelstrom Arena. They use bows to attack and can summon Deathless Wolves.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Quick Shot
A basic ranged attack which does moderate physical damage.
Poison Arrow
A basic ranged attack which poisons the target and causes poison damage over time.
Call Ally
The enemy blows a horn and summons an animal companion to fight. This animal is usually appropriate to the zone the enemy appears in.
Roll Dodge
The enemy may perform a roll dodge to avoid attacks.
Place Trap
Places a bear trap which roots the target which walks into it and deals minor physical damage. Performing a roll dodge will break the trap.


They will occasionally speak.

Huntsman Heartfinder: "What a trophy you'll be!"
Huntsman Heartfinder: "Run and hide, prey!"
Huntsman Heartfinder: "This quarry will make a fine hunt!"

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