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Gain Hircine's blessing to become a werewolf.
Zone: The Hunting Grounds
Quest Giver: Thoreki
Location(s): The Hunting Grounds
Reward: Werewolf Skill Line
The Statue of Hircine in the Hunting Grounds
A strange woman met me at the gates to the city. She may be a werewolf. She told me I am on my way to becoming one as well.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Be approached by a stranger who senses your infection with Sanies Lupinus.
  2. Seek out a priest to cure your infection or seek out the Packmaster.
  3. Enter Hircine's realm.
  4. Bring down a monster as tribute, and howl to summon your new pack.
  5. Bow down before Hircine to receive your new power.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In order to get this quest, you must have contracted the disease Sanies Lupinus, either from another player or by encountering a contagious wild werewolf. For more information, see the article on lycanthropy.

If you were scratched or bitten by a wild werewolf, you need to speak to Thoreki in Aldmeri Dominion Rawl'kha (Reaper's March), Ebonheart Pact Riften (The Rift), or Daggerfall Covenant Evermore (Bangkorai), depending on your alliance.

She will tell you that if you want to develop your new gift, you should use it to seek out a Packmaster by tracking a scent from her glove. This will lead you to Songamdir near Fort Sphinxmoth (Reaper's March), Ebonheart Pact Fort Greenwall (The Rift), or in the Aldmeri Dominion Daggerfall Covenant Viridian Woods (Bangkorai). He will initially be in the form of a wolf (not a werewolf), but will revert to human form as you get closer. He will explain that Hircine gave him unique power even beyond typical werewolves, that he is as much wolf as man, and that he can help a "pup" like you. He then opens a portal to Hircine's Realm.

If you are bitten at Hircine's altar by another player, you will instead read the scroll on the altar. It states:

Pup, a scion of Hircine has judged you worthy of joining his great hunt. You must prove yourself as a hunter to Hircine before you join our pack.
<Keep Reading>
If you lack the soul of a true hunter, return to the city and speak to a Priest of Arkay. The Master of Beasts will not tolerate cowards or fools.
Otherwise, enter the portal to Hircine's realm and follow the great hunter Songamdir to join us.

From A Pup...[edit]

Once you enter The Hunting Grounds, your Packmaster will run forward to a nearby shrine of Hircine. They will explain that Hircine demands tribute, and tell you to kneel before the altar. You will immediately find yourself kneeling, and Hircine's voice will fill the air:

You desire power, but have you the will? The God of Schemes has tasted your soul. You've come back tainted. Wrong.
Hunt. Seek a tribute worthy of your pack. Bring it down, then howl for your brothers and sisters. If the pack accepts you, they will feed, and you will join them. Now, experience my power!

You will immediately transform for the first time. This is different from a typical transformation, since it has no time limit, and since you have the Pounce and Roar skills right away (later you will have to spend skill points in order to access them again).

You then must search through the jungle for a suitable large beast. It may be any of the following:

This animal will probably be immune to your crowd control abilities, but can be taken down with some patience. Once it's down, you can roar over its corpse to summon your pack, wait for them to get a few bites in, then devour it alongside them.

...To A Werewolf[edit]

Hircine then summons you again.

Enough! The pup has become a wolf. Bow to me, hunter, and receive true power.

Return to Hircine's Shrine, and bow before it. Hircine will grant his blessing, and you will gain access to werewolf transformations and the werewolf skill line.

Quest Stages[edit]

Hircine's Gift
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start The woman urged me to seek out her packmaster in the wild and complete my journey to becoming a werewolf.

If I wish to be cured, I can also seek out a priest in the city.

Complete one: Find the Packmaster or Ask a Priest to Cure You
I found the Packmaster, Songamdir, in the wild. He opened a portal to Hircine's realm. To become a werewolf, I must enter the portal and present myself to Hircine.
Objective: Enter Hircine's Realm
I have entered Hircine's realm. I must follow Songamdir's lead.
Objective: Wait for Songamdir to Introduce You
Objective: Use Tribute to Hircine
Latest start A werewolf has bitten me. If I step into Hircine's realm and prove myself worthy, I can become a werewolf.
If I wish to be cured, I can also seek out a priest in the city.
Complete one: Enter Hircine's Realm or Ask a Priest to Cure You
I have entered Hircine's realm. I must follow Songamdir's lead.
Objective: Wait for Songamdir to Begin the Ritual
When Songamdir touched the statue of Hircine, Hircine's voice began to emanate from the stone. I must listen to what he has to say.
Objective: Listen to Hircine
Hircine has turned me into a werewolf! He has instructed me to roam his hunting ground and bring down a monster worthy of my new pack.
Objective: Collect a Tribute for Songamdir
Objective Hint: Talk to Songamdir
I have killed a great beast. I must howl to attract my pack, so that we may feast together.
Objective: Howl to Summon Your Pack
My pack approaches. I must wait for them to feed on the fresh kill.
Objective: Wait for Your Pack to Feed
My pack has accepted my tribute. Now I must feast with them to join the pack.
Objective: Feed With Your Pack
☑Finishes quest I must bow to Hircine's statue to complete my initiation to his pack of werewolves.
Objective: Bow to Hircine's Statue