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Highlander Camp
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Hearteater Brigands, Hearteater Deadeyes, Hearteater Marksmen, Hearteater Nightweavers, Hearteater Witchmen, Nelmir the Hearteater, Nord Captives
Applewatch WoodCyrodiil
North of Fort Aleswell
Highlander Camp

Highlander Camp is a camp in northern Cyrodiil, north of Fort Aleswell.

The large building

It is occupied by the Hearteaters, a group of invaders that have razed the village that stood there. All of the buildings have been burnt down, though Nelmir the Hearteater can be found in the one that still stands on the western side. There is a copy of Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era in one of the torched builings.


  • There are two forges and a guillotine in the western building (the large one that hasn't been burned to the ground), along with a number of Dremora and Soul Shriven corpses.
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