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Recover some treasures stashed in The Hideaway.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Heist Board
Location(s): The Hideaway
Prerequisite Quest: Master of Heists
Reward: Satchel of Laundered Goods
Professional Thief's Satchel of Laundered Goods (if completed within time limit)
Average Leveled Gold
10 Thieves Guild RepReputation
+10 Thieves Guild Rep (if completed within time limit)
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 5572
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Find the hidden treasure in The Hideaway
I was tipped off about treasures stashed in The Hideaway. I don't have much time to secure the goods before they're moved, so I should act quickly on this lead.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Fa'ren-dar and travel to the Hideaway.
  2. Find the Weeping Stone and three Hidden Caches.
  3. (Optional) Complete the heist within 8 minutes.
  4. Return to Fa'ren-dar at the entrance.
  5. Return to the Thieves Den and talk to Fa'ren-dar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Read the Heist Board next to Fa'ren-dar in the Thieves Den. A new message announces,

"Sniffed out another bunch of squatters making use of The Hideaway. Looks like they're holding product too. We should move on it immediately, but try to keep a low profile and we might leech off them for a while before they catch wise."

Speak to Fa'ren-dar to ask him more about The Hideaway:

The Hideaway isn't real descriptive. What can you tell me about it?
"I would think its purpose is pretty clear, but it's the finer details that are of interest, eh? A smugglers' cove of some convenience, a little too well known for anyone to stick around for long. Expect the current tenants to be quite vigilant."
I'll exercise extra caution. Take me to the heist.

When you are at the location, enter the tunnel to start the timer and receive the heist objectives. You need to collect three hidden caches and a treasure, in any order. Once you have done it, head back to the entrance where you started. On your way back, keep an eye out for an elite mob that will spawn once you have collected all the goods and that will be patrolling the area near the exit. When you are back at Fa'ren-dar, speak to him to travel back to Thieves Den. Back in the Den, talk to Fa'ren-dar to collect your reward.


  • Advice for faster completion and some general information:
    • Use potions of Invisibility with Vanish and Speed effect to sneak faster and avoid detection.
    • Turn on quest objective pointers to see where the quest objects are located.
    • If you see a collectible object very close to the entrance/in an easily accessible location, leave it until last.
    • As soon as you complete all objectives, an elite enemy NPC will appear patrolling near the entrance area. Thus, you will need to plan additional time when heading back to Fa'ren-dar.
    • Dying will not affect the timer.
    • Being detected by the mobs reduces the timer greatly (by one minute), risking to fail the bonus objective.

Quest Stages[edit]

Heist: The Hideaway
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to get to the target location without drawing attention to myself. I should speak with Fa'ren-dar.
Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar
When I'm ready, I should head down the tunnels to start the heist.
Objective: Enter Tunnels to Begin Heist
I need to find valuables being stashed in the Hideaway, but it'd be best if I don't attract any undue attention and let the owners know the guild is on to them.
Objective: Find the Treasure
Objective: Find Hidden Caches: 0/3
Optional Step: Complete the Heist Before Time Runs Out
I have the loot. Now I need to get the haul to Fa'ren-dar.
Objective: Get Back to Fa'ren-dar
I have the treasures, but I was seen stealing them. Fa'ren-dar is waiting to lead me back to the Thieves Den from here. (If you did not complete objectives within time limit.)
Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar
☑Finishes quest I turned over the goods to Fa'ren-dar. He'll be waiting with my share at the Thieves Den.
Objective: Collect Reward from Fa'ren-dar