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Clear the Gemain family's good name by investigating a series of old murders.
Zone: Blackwood
Quest Giver: Faric Gemain
Location(s): Gideon
Reward: Faric's Finest Staff of Frigidity
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6661
Help uncover a dark secret in the Dibellaseum
The people of Gideon believe that a woman named Cerise Gemain murdered a beloved priestess sixty years ago, but her grandson, Faric, insists she's innocent of the charges. He enlisted me to help him prove it.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Escort Faric Gemain to the Temple of Dibella.
  2. Speak to Faric Gemain and take the memory stone.
  3. Search the ground floor and observe the memory that is revealed.
  4. Discuss what you have seen with Faric.
  5. Explore the second floor and observe the second memory.
  6. Search the top floor and view the third memory.
  7. Mimic the ghostly killer and reveal the phantom door.
  8. Search the hidden room for clues.
  9. Discuss what you have found with Faric.
  10. Leave Gideon and search for the lost carriage.
  11. Look for clues and talk to Faric
  12. Follow the ghost into the cave.
  13. Speak to Faric above what you have found.
  14. Return to Gideon and explain the situation to Fire-From-Nowhere.
  15. Talk to Faric Gemain.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Quest Stages[edit]

Haunted Legacy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Faric asked me to escort him to the Dibellaseum—a refurbished mansion and place of worship in the center of town. He believes our investigation should start there.
Objective: Escort Faric Gemain
We entered the Dibellaseum. I should speak to Faric about our next move.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
Apparently, Faric carries a rare bauble called a memory stone. He believes that if we take the stone to the right place, it will conjure up a memory for us to observe. We should start our investigation on the ground floor.
Objective: Explore the Ground Floor
When we entered a room on the Dibellaseum's ground floor, the memory stone resonated. I should try to activate it and observe the results.
Objective: Use the Memory Stone
The memory stone revealed a horrific vision of a shadowy figure murdering someone in the Dibellaseum. I should speak with Faric about what we witnessed.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
We know the memory stone contains a visual record of at least one murder. We should search the second floor of the Dibellaseum for more memories.
Objective: Explore the Second Floor
The memory stone flashed again. I should use it to conjure up another memory.
Objective: Use the Memory Stone
We witnessed another gruesome murder. Someone definitely killed the novitiates here in the Dibellaseum. There might be more to learn on the top floor. We should take the memory stone upstairs.
Objective: Explore the Top Floor
The stone sparked to life again. I should activate it and see what memory it reveals.
Objective: Use the Memory Stone
I conjured another memory of the person who murdered the novitiates of Dibella. I should observe the shade's movements.
Objective: Watch the Ghostly Killer
The shade of the killer approached a nearby wall and cast some sort of magic spell. Faric suggested I try to mimic the murderer's gestures to reveal any secrets hidden within the wall.
Objective: Mimic the Ghostly Killer
Repeating the killer's gestures revealed a strange portal in the wall. I should step through and see where it leads.
Objective: Use the Phantom Door
The portal led to a small room hidden between the walls of the manse. I found skeletons, a ledger, and a map inside. I should examine these documents.
Objective: Examine the Ledger
Objective: Examine the Crude Map
I discovered a musty ledger revealing that the serial killer murdered people in the Dibellaseum and trapped their souls in black soul gems. I should speak to Faric about what I found.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
I should wait while Faric reads the ledger I discovered.
Objective: Watch Faric Gemain
Faric recognized the names in the ledger. I should speak to him and find out what he knows.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
The unidentified killer murdered the novitiates and trapped their souls in black soul gems. This same person may have murdered Priestess Rolaine. With luck, the map we discovered will lead us to Rolaine's missing carriage.
Objective: Find the Lost Carriage
We found the mud-caked wreckage of a carriage in a pool of water. I should examine the skeleton and chest inside.
Objective: Search the Skeleton
Objective: Search the Chest
I found a ring on the skeleton and black soul gems in the chest. I should show Faric what I've found.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
Shortly after we discovered Priestess Rolaine's remains, a ghost appeared across the pond. I should see what the ghost wants.
Objective: Approach the Ghost
The ghost seems to want me to follow it. I should see where it leads.
Objective: Follow the Ghost
The ghost led me to a small cave. Inside, I found another skeleton and a remarkably well-preserved scroll. I should examine both.
Objective: Search the Skeleton
Objective: Examine the Scroll
I found Cerise's final words committed to paper. Priestess Rolaine was the killer, and Cerise died stopping her. I should tell Faric the news.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
With the ledger, Cerise's written testimony, the memories saved in the memory stone, the black soul gems, and Rolaine's signet ring, we now have proof that Cerise died a hero. If I bring this evidence to Fire-From-Nowhere we can clear Cerise's name.
Objective: Talk to Fire-From-Nowhere
☑Finishes quest Fire-From-Nowhere has promised to make the truth about Priestess Rolaine and Cerise known to all, no matter the controversy it causes. He will also protect Faric Gemain. My work is complete, but I should speak to Faric one last time.
Objective: Talk to Faric Gemain
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