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Help drive out spirits infesting a nobleman's new property.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Theyo Prevette at Gnisis
Location(s): Urshilaku Camp, Valenvaryon, Gnisis
Reward: Spirit-Walker's Leggings
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
Haunted Grounds
A group of ghost hunters hired me to protect them on their current job. They've been contracted to clear out a fortress to the north that's infested with spirits. I need to keep them safe while they do whatever they do.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Talk to Farwen and Sharz.
  2. Go to Urshilaku Camp.
  3. Talk to Lord Thanlen.
  4. (Optional) Learn more from Ashu-awa.
  5. Go to Valenvaryon.
  6. Help Farwen set up wards.
  7. Return to Theyo.
  8. Capture a spirit and interrogate it.
  9. Hunt down Galgalah.
  10. Choose to destroy him or save his prisoner.
  11. Meet up with Theyo in Gnisis.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Galgalah doesn't seem to mind the flames

Starting in Gnisis[edit]

Starting in Urshilaku Camp[edit]


  • Ashu-awa won't exist at Urshilaku Camp before starting the quest.
  • While displayed as a hint required to progress the quest, learning more about Valenvaryon isn't mandatory.
  • Farwen won't exist near Ebernanit before reaching the related objective.
  • If you choose to save Farwen, after completing the quest with Theyo, she will go downstairs to get some more wine. If you follow her, you can talk to her and see she is straining to contain Galgalah. You can also talk to Theyo and reveal that Galgalah is in Farwen and not banished.


  • After applying the final ward, Galgalah will say a generic greeting instead of his intended and displayed dialogue. ?
  • After choosing the option to have Farwen fight the spirit insider her and exiting dialogue, her talk prompt will remain available but no dialogue is brought up when using it. ?
  • In the Farwen Dies path, Farwen falls over dead before you even strike her with your blade. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Haunted Grounds
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Theyo instructed me to meet his team at an Ashlander camp in the northern reaches of Vvardenfell. We'll gather supplies and information there before heading to the site of the haunting.
Objective: Go to the Ashlander Urshilaku Camp
Optional Step: Talk to Farwen
Optional Step: Talk to Sharz
The ghost hunters are no where to be found, but Lord Thanlen, the one who hired them, is here. I should speak to him and find out what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Lord Thanlen
Latest start Lord Thanlen sent the ghost hunters ahead. I'll have to catch up with them at an ancient fort called Velnvaryon [sic].
Objective: Find the Ghost Hunters at Valenvaryon

HINT: I witnessed the Ashlanders confronting Lord Thanlen about Valenvaryon. I may want to speak to them myself before I carry on.

Objective Hint: Learn More about Valenvaryon
I found the ghost hunters at the haunting site. I should speak to Theyo and see what he wants me to do.
Objective: Talk to Theyo
Theyo has asked that I seek out Farwen, the magic user of the group. She's looking to set up wards of protection around them in the area, and may need my help finishing her task.
Objective: Find Farwen
Farwen will be vulnerable while setting up her wards of protection against malicious spirits. I need to escort her to the locations she indicated would be best to set them up and prevent any hostile ghosts from interfering with her work.
Objective: Set the Magical Wards
Objective Hint: Fend Off Spirits Disrupting the Sigils
Objective Hint: Set the Last Ward
Galgalah snatched Farwen away before the final ward was set. I completed the ritual in her stead, but the other ghost hunters need to know she is in danger.
Objective: Return to the Group
Theyo says we need to capture a spirit in the service of Galgalah and interrogate it. I need to destroy the roaming spirits until I find one powerful enough that its essence remains intact. When I have that, I should bring it to Theyo.
Objective: Destroy Ghosts to Find a Potent Spirit Essence
I have the essence of a powerful spirit. Now I need to get it back to Theyo and the ward.
Objective: Bring the Essence Back to the Ward
We summoned the defeated spirit, but it refuses to talk to anyone but me. I'll have to question it.
Objective: Talk to the Captive Spirit
The spirit dissipated, along with the ward, but it also told us where Galgalah is holding Farwen. I should speak to Theyo about what we learned.
Objective: Talk to Theyo
Galgalah resides in an ancient fortress near a lava path under a stone bridge. I need to search the area to find him.
Objective: Find Galgalah's Lair
Galgalah has lured me here to take my body. I must destroy him.
Objective: Defeat Galgalah
I defeated Galgalah, but his spirit fled into Farwen's body. She fled in a delirious panic. I need to catch her.
Objective: Talk to Farwen
Galgalah inhabits Farwen's body, but I refused to sacrifice her to destroy him. I have to hope she can resist his control. The other ghost hunters will be glad to see her regardless. (If you let Farwen live)
Objective: Meet the Ghost Hunters in Gnisis
I killed Farwen and banished Galgalah, who was occupying her body. I need to get back to Theyo and let him know what happened. (If you sacrifice Farwen)
Objective: Meet the Ghost Hunters in Gnisis
Finishes quest☑ Galgalah inhabits Farwen's body, but I refused to sacrifice her to destroy him. I have to hope she can resist his control. The other ghost hunters will be glad to see her regardless. I should speak to Theyo. (If you let Farwen live)
Objective: Talk to Theyo
Finishes quest☑ I killed Farwen and banished Galgalah, who was occupying her body. Theyo half-expected this outcome, but he's glad Farwen's sacrifice wasn't in vain. I should speak with him again before we part ways. (If you sacrifice Farwen)
Objective: Talk to Theyo
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