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Harbormaster Ahkur
Home Settlement Alten Meerhleel
Location Dockhouse
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Civil Servant
Harbormaster Ahkur

Harbormaster Ahkur is an Argonian civil servant who runs the docks of Alten Meerhleel.


  • "The tribes had trouble accepting my port at first. Said it was too deep in the swamp.
    That's why I built the teeba-enoo court. It keeps the tribes happy, and that keeps my port safe from their warriors."
  • "If you have any trading connections, please, send them my way. The more connections I can make, the busier my port will become."
  • "The tribes of Murkmire do not understand. If we do not work with the ojels, we will one day be consumed by them. Best to make allies, not enemies."
  • "I'm both owner and harbormaster of this port. Built Alten Meerhleel from the ground up. One day, I hope it can grow as large and bustling as Lilmoth."