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Location Alten Meerhleel, Bright-Throat Village, Root-Whisper Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe (post-quest)

Hands-That-Heal is an Argonian healer who can be found in Alten Meerhleel. Long ago his village including the Hist tree were burnt down by Imperial raiders, leading him to wander the land with only a memento of his old home. He plans to join the Bright-Throat Tribe but first he needs help to recover the old memento from hackwings.

Related Quests[edit]


Hands-That-Heal at Root-Whisper Village, after you've completed the Murkmire main story

Alten Meerhleel[edit]

He can be first encountered standing on one of the docks in Alten Meerhleel.

"Pardon me, traveler, but have you a moment?
I was recently attacked by a flock of hackwings, and lost a possession of grave importance as I fled. If you would but help me retrieve it, I would reward you most greatly."
What would I be looking for?
"A plain wooden box, the length of my forearm.
Last I saw, it was nestled in the beak of one of the hackwings that attacked me. I believe it may have brought the box back to its nest, just north-west of this dock. response"
So you want me to find it for you?
"I'd not ask this of you if it wasn't a matter of grave importance. The box contains a memento from my village that I simply cannot lose.
Will you help?"
All right, I'll go and collect this box from the hackwing nest.

After agreeing to help, you can ask further questions about the box and learn about the Argonian's past.

"Many thanks, traveler. You have calmed this elder's heart.
I shall await here for your return, of course. And take caution. Hackwings are dangerous creatures, and quick to strike."
What's so important about this wooden box, anyway?
"As I said, it contains a memento from my village. I haven't … I haven't been able to return, you see. It's my only remaining connection."
Why haven't you returned?
"Because there's nothing to return to, I'm afraid.
Imperial raiders attacked my tribe. They slaughtered many, and … and burned down our Hist Tree. I've been a wanderer ever since."
My condolences.
"It was a long time ago, traveler. Still, that memento is all that I have left. I'd be most grateful if you could help me retrieve it."

Once you have returned from the hackwing nest, with no box but some clues.

"I see you have returned empty handed. Were you unable to find the box I seek?"
No, but I found this pendant and some arrows.
"This pendant belongs to the Root-House People. It seems their hunting party arrived before you could.
Perhaps they took the box with them? Their campsite is just a ways north of here, if you don't mind helping me further."
I can go and check.
"Be cautious. Though the Root-House People may not be hostile, their greed runs deeper than the Hist's roots.
While my box holds nothing of value, they'll likely use your interest to their advantage."
It's probably best I know what's in the box.
"Oh, yes, of course. It's a large branch, burnt and withered. It, well … it belonged to my village's Hist Tree, you see."
I see. I'll go and speak to the Root-House People.
"When your task is complete, meet me in the Bright-Throat Village.
It pains me to ask so much from you, but please know that the branch you seek holds great importance to me. I don't know what I would do if it was lost."
Have you always carried this Hist branch with you?
"Yes, I always have. When my village's Hist Tree was burned, I was able to pry a single branch loose. I've magically preserved it for many years.
It is my only remaining connection to my village … and to the members of my tribe."
I see.
"A tribe's connection to its Hist is sacred. One cannot exist without the other.
So I felt as long as I had this branch with me, my tribe could never truly be gone. A silly thought, perhaps, but one that has kept me going."
Have you never belonged to another tribe?
"In the past, I couldn't bare to call anywhere home. And so I only wandered.
But now I have finally found my way back to Murkmire. Today I shall be welcomed at the Bright-Throat Village, and become a member of their tribe."

Bright-Throat Village[edit]

After retrieving the branch, he will be found at the Bright-Throat Village, beneath the Hist tree.

"Dare I hope your search was finally successful?"
Yes, I was able to recover the branch.
"Thank the Hist. I thought it lost forever.
I … I have a final favor to ask you, traveler. Would you be so kind as to bury the branch, right at the base of the Hist roots before us?"
Why do you want to bury it?
"I've carried this branch for many years. It was the only piece of my old home that I had left. No family, no friends. Just a reminder of what once was.
But now I have a new village, a new home. The time has come to put the past to rest."
All right. I'll bury the branch at the roots of the Hist.

If he is spoken to before burying the branch he will say "The Bright-Throat elders have already given me permission to bury the branch. Just please be mindful not to harm the roots."

Once it is buried he will say:

"By your hands, my traveling has come to an end.
Thank you. A foolish thought, perhaps, but I feel … I feel as though a piece of my tribe is now a part of this village."
Of course. After all, aren't you a part of this village now?
"I suppose you're right. I was as much a part of my tribe as any branch of our Hist.
Here, your reward. Thanks to your actions, I feel as though I can finally find peace. And, after so many years of mourning, that is no small thing."

After The Burnt Branch is completed, Hands-That-Heal can be asked about his travels.

"Now is the time to work towards the prosperity of my village.
I've already offered my services as a healer, of course. I have quite a bit of experience in the field, given my various travels."
'I mourned the loss of my village greatly. Every waking moment I thought of that night. The screams, the blood, the ash ….
So I chose to leave Murkmire. Still though, I carried the branch. And the memories."
Where did you go?
"Many places, though I spent most of my years in the friendly cities of Elsweyr. It was there that the name Hands-That-Heal was gifted to me, due to my magical skill.
And then, after many long years, I made the choice to come home."
Why did you decide to return?
"I simply realized how greatly I missed my homeland. The thought of dying on foreign soil, away from the roots of the Hist, was too sad to bear.
And so, here I am."

Root-Whisper Village[edit]

Hands-That-Heal can be found visiting Root-Whisper Village to witness the reawakening of the Hist tree and a tribe. You can ask him how he is doing.

"I simply cannot believe my eyes. The Root-Whisper Village, awakened once more.
Today I have stepped into legend, and before me stands the hero whose name shall be honored in Murkmire for many seasons to come."
You knew about this village?
"I doubt there is a hatchling alive who has not heard some version of the tale. After all, it is not often that a Hist chooses to slumber.
To think that the gentle soul who helped me so greatly would become the Rootmender!"
And how are you doing?
"I am well. The Bright-Throat tribe has been very welcoming to this old traveler. Of course, I try to help when I can with my healing skills.
Ah, but I talk too much. I'm sure you have many others to greet."
Be well, Hands-That-Heal.
"And you as well, Rootmender. May you always prosper under a blessed sun."


  • When speaking to Tuwul, you learn that Hands-That-Heal's Saxhleel name is Heek-Betu and that they originally came from the same village.