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Home Settlement Lilmoth
Location Lilmoth Outlaws Refuge
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction (?)

Haj-Ta is an Argonian who can be found on the bottom level of the Lilmoth Outlaws Refuge. When spoken to, she is willing to give advice about the various dangers of the Murkmire swamps.


Her dialogue is randomised:

"Best to keep an eye on your feet, lest you wind up neck deep in a patch of quick sand.
If you do find yourself treading upon such ground, walk slowly back towards the edge. And do not panic. Thrashing about will only sink you faster."
"The gas blossom smells just as lovely as it looks. The longer you take in its poisonous scent, the more you are choked by it.
And make no mistake, traveler. Those gasses are more than capable of killing you."
"Though there are many dangerous plants in Mukmire [sic], none are quite so shocking as the static pitcher. And I mean that literally. Walk too close, and you'll be struck by its electricity."
"In some ways, the lantern mantis is more akin to a beast than a plant. Walk too closely by it, and it will be quick to strike you."
"The catapault cabbage can knock a full grown Saxhleel right onto their tail. If they cannot be avoided, it's best to move swiftly past them."
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