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Location Saintsport
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
A captive Haerdon

Haerdun is a proud Redguard who is found in Saintsport. He is a member of Crafty Lerisa's crew, and has been captured by the Sea Drakes. He claims along with other Redguards a distrust and dislike against Orcs.

Related Quests[edit]


Likes Moths to a Candle[edit]

Post Betnikh[edit]

If you chose to destroy the relic:

"You should have listened to Captain Kaleen. She was right about the artifact."


"My friend, good to see you! See this hand? It works again. Found a very talented healer in Aldcroft who put the bones right back together.
I've put my sword through a few Elves since. Felt good."


Haerdun can be found alongside Ellashana, mourning Duchess Lakana in Sentinel.

"Have you come to pay your respects? If so, I thank you. I am glad to see you here.
No man should lose his daughter, least of all a king. It is a sad day for Sentinel, but Lakana lives on. She lives now in our hearts."


  • During the quest and as a captive he is labeled as Haerdon.
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