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Eliminate an evil slave trader.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Hadran's Caravan — Search the Caravan for signs of Tand.
Quest Giver: Azum
Location(s): Hadran's Caravan
Prerequisite Quest: Into the Vice Den
Reward: Emancipator's Gloves
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 4655
Rescue Tand from Hadran's Caravan
Hadran, the slave dealer who runs Hadran's Caravan, sent his thugs to kill me and failed. His business partner, Azum, has grown tired of his slave-trading operation and wants me to eliminate him.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Azum.
  2. Gather Hadran's uniforms.
  3. Rescue the slaves.
  4. Find Tand.
  5. Return to Sind.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The reunion

You'll want to start this quest by speaking with Azum. She'll tell you to free Hadran's other prisoners, and to give them uniforms to disguise them as Hadran's employees so they can escape with ease. Accept your mission and loot Hadran's Uniforms from the nearby Crate of Uniforms.

Head across the path through the "management" section of the caravan to free Idrothiel, Helmir the Headscratcher and Shifty Eyes. With your Disguised Prisoners on the run, head on over to the end of the path to free Tand. Unlock his cage and lead him down east to the large gate. Hadran and Azum will be waiting for you there. Kill them, and escape with Tand. Now that the lovers are reunited, you should speak with Sind for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Hadran's Fall
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Before I eliminate Hadran I need to gather Hadran's Uniforms to disguise Tand and the other prisoners, to help them escape.
Objective: Loot Hadran's Uniforms
I need to give Hadran's Uniforms to the captured slaves around Hadran's camp, so they can escape
Objective: Rescue Prisoners
Hidden Objective: Rescue Shifty Eyes
Hidden Objective: Prisoner Camp Tracker
Hidden Objective: Rescue Helmir the Headscratcher
Hidden Objective: Rescue Idrothiel
I released the other prisoners from the camp. Now I need to find Tand.
Objective: Find Tand
I need to release Tand from his prison cage.
Objective: Rescue Tand
Objective Hint: Unlock Slave Cage
I rescued Tand. I should talk to him about his ordeal.
Objective: Talk to Tand
I rescued Tand and he's eager to return to his family. Now I just need to defeat Hadran to end this.
Objective: Defeat Hadran
Hidden Objective: You Fell In Battle
Hadran is dead. Now I need to get Tand back to his family.
Objective: Escape with Tand
☑Finishes quest I returned Tand to Sind, safe and sound. I should speak to Sind again.
Objective: Return to Sind
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