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Home City Rawl'kha
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Hadam-do is a Khajiit moon priest found outside the temple located in the city of Rawl'kha.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

To Rawl'kha[edit]

Arrive in Rawl'kha and you'll find him on the steps of the temple. If you have last completed Stonefire Machinations, you can say:

"Welcome to the temple at Rawl'kha, Moon Hallowed."
I've just come from Arenthia. The city is free, but the Mane ….
"This one knows, Hallowed. Former Mane Akkhuz-ri is here. Preparations have begun. Your path to the Two Moons Dance begins here and now."

If you instead came from Fort Grimwatch:


Otherwise, if you have just visted priestess Kauzanabi-jo:

"Welcome, Moon Hallowed. Welcome to your first steps along the path."
I've just come from speaking to priestess Kauzanabi-jo.
"This one knows, Hallowed. The priestess is already here. Preparations have begun. Your path to the Two Moons Dance begins here, and now."

The First Step[edit]

"The Champions are here. They awaited your arrival with great enthusiasm! Are you ready to join them within?"
I am.
"Excellent. The Queen, the Silvenar—even the fallen light Akkhuz-ri is within. This one's superior, Kauzanabi-jo, awaits you at the dais. Follow Hadam-do, Hallowed."
Lead on.
"The Champions are in good hands with you, Hallowed. Good luck on your path."

Speak to him as soon as you enter the temple and he'll tell you, "Mistress Kauzanabi-jo will set you on your path, Hallowed. Good luck."


  • Although he tells you to follow him into the temple during The First Step, he won't move. He can be found again in the small room before the steps.
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