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Location Gryphon Aerie
Race Bosmer Gender Male

Gwinolas is a Bosmer who can be found at the Gryphon Aerie.

Related Quests[edit]


Gryphon Grievance[edit]

Upon finding Gwinolas in the Gryphon Aerie:

"I haven't run … that hard … in a long time."
You're safe now. Miranrel is waiting for you by the road.
"That rootarse best still be by the road. She owes me for this!"

Once you have finished speaking to him, you signal him over, to which he stands up and begins to limp away.

When speaking to Gwinolas once he meets back with Miranrel at the King's Haven Wayshrine:

"Give me a moment. I haven't entirely caught my breath yet."

After speaking to Gwinolas once the related quest has been completed:

"I really need to start exercising more. Though you would think someone in my line of work would be used to running by now."