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Explore the Guild Finder.
Zone: The Reach
Quest Giver: Which Guild is for You?
Location(s): Markarth
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6532
The world of guilds awaits
I found a notice about the opportunity to join a guild of like-minded adventurers.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read Which Guild is for You? and talk to Guild Herald Amsaad near your current city's guild traders.
  2. Examine the board next to Guild Herald Amsaad to review guild listings on the Guild Finder.
  3. Speak with Guild Herald Amsaad.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

This quest is designed to introduce you to the guild finder, and to help new players find a guild to join. There is a pamphlet north of the Markarth Wayshrine which, when read, begins this quest. It directs you to speak with Guild Herald Amsaad, who is nearby. To find him, you simply need to head down the stairs north of the posting.

Guild Herald Amsaad explains that like-minded adventurers can form guilds. You can learn more about guilds here. The herald directs you to a nearby board to review guild listings and see if any of them interest you.

The Guild Finder is a function that allows you to apply for guilds. The first thing you'll see when you open up the guild finder is the Applications tab, which is at the top of the navigation menu on the left-hand side. You can look at your Active Applications here (guild applications which you've already sent), as well as edit your Application message. Your Application Message is a message that will be filled out by default in your applications to guilds.

The next tab on the navigation menu is the Browse Guilds tab. Here, you can look for guilds that are looking for members. In the navigation menu, you can separate guilds by their primary function. Guilds are separated into seven broad categories: there are Trading, PvP, Group PvE, Roleplaying, Social, Questing and Crafting guilds.

There are several filters you can toggle in your search. These are located above the guild list, to the right of the navigation menu. You can filter guilds by whether or not they have a trader, what kind of activities they're focused on, and the general play style of the guild (whether they're geared towards players who are casual, hardcore, or somewhere in between). There are also additional filters you can search through, such as which Alliance the guild was created in, how many active members there are, Champion Point range, their core active hours, home language, and which group roles might be interested in joining.

Exit the guild finder whenever you feel satisfied. Whether you find a guild or not doesn't matter; when you're ready, talk to Guild Herald Amsaad. He gives you an average sum of gold for your time.

Quest Stages[edit]

Guild Listings
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should speak to Guild Herald Amsaad to learn more about the guild listings mentioned in the note.
Objective: Talk to Guild Herald Amsaad
I should review the guild listings to see if there might be a group of adventurers with goals and interests similar to mine.
Objective: Review the Guild Listings
I should speak to Guild Herald Amsaad.
Objective: Talk to Guild Herald Amsaad