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Grandee Husni
Home City Sentinel
Location Sentinel Palace
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble
Grandee Husni

Grandee Husni is a Redguard noble serving as King Fahara'jad's steward. He can be found in the king's palace located in the city of Sentinel.


If you talk with him, he can give you an overview of the political situation in Hammerfell.

Prior to completing Risen From the Depths:
Completed Risen From the Depths:
After the Ansei Wards have been stolen:
"Peace be upon you, wayfarer. I am relieved to see a survivor from the docks. The news we have received is grave indeed."
"You have the king's gratitude, wayfarer. News of your exploits has reached the throne. While we cannot publicly condone violence against our honored dead, the fact remains that you have made the city safe.
At least for the moment."
"You must leave the moment you are ready. The Ansei Wards are gone and the Withered Hand has already taken to the desert winds. Go now and mete out the king's justice."
Can you tell me about your kingdom?
"Of a certainty. King Fahara'jad, blessings of Ruptga be upon him, is King of Hammerfell, and rules over the Alik'r and many points beyond. This is his center of power—and the Forebears'."
The Forebears?
"Indeed. Our realm is … diverse. The Forebears are progressives who firmly support the Covenant. Their counterparts are the Crowns—traditionalists who cling to the ways of lost Yokuda and reject the practices of Tamriel."
Sounds contentious.
"Do not concern yourself. The King's rulership over these lands and its people is firm as stone—among Crown and Forebear alike."
How have the Redguards contributed to the Covenant?
"King Fahara'jad, may Tava grant him eternal life, has made great contributions to the war effort. We Redguards are unparalleled in swordsmanship and grand strategy. Many of our most talented officers have already taken command of battalions overseas."