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ON-icon-achievement-Master Craftsman.png Grand Master Crafter
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 50
Title Grand Master Crafter
Outfit Skyforge Smith Hammer
Earn each of the following achievements:

Grand Master Crafter is awarded for earning all of the following crafting achievements:

Achievement Requirements
Professions Master Reach level 50 in all 7 crafting skills
Unsurpassed Crafter Complete 100 Master Writs
Trait Master Learn all 8 normal traits on both armor and weapons at least once
Jewelry Trait Master Learn all 9 traits at least once, either on a ring or necklace.
Learn the Nirnhoned Trait Learn the Nirnhoned trait at least once
True Style Master Complete 50 full Style Motifs
Recipe Compendium Learn 100 Provisioning recipes
Potency Translate all (except the last two) negative and positive Potency runestones
Botanist Learn the traits of all of the original Alchemy Reagents

The Summerset chapter is required (for Jewelry Crafting), but no other DLCs or chapters are needed. (However, without them, you will need to rely on Guild Traders in order to complete enough motifs for the True Style Master achievement.) In addition to the title, you will also earn the Outfit Style: Skyforge Smith Hammer, which you can use to style a one-handed weapon. Once earned, this style is available for all characters on your account.