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Gilan Lerano
Home City Balmora
House Lerano's House
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Gilan Lerano is a Dunmer who can be found in Balmora. He is the father of Mils and Neria Lerano, and the widow of Bravora Lerano. He is adept in magic, particularly in the school of Restoration.

Related Quests[edit]


When you first encounter him, he will be having an argument with someone:

Gilan Lerano: "Mils, please if you'd just listen …."
Mils Lerano: "Take care of yourself, Father. You always were good at that."

When you approach, he will greet you:

"Hail traveler. Are you looking for work?"

Speaking with him:

"I'm in need of a strong set of legs, traveler, and you look like one capable of protecting yourself. Will you aid an old Mer in one last task?"
How can I help you?
"I have an obligation to my family—no, a duty, of utmost importance—but I have grown too feeble to fulfill it.
If you would take this memory stone to the few places of significance in my life, I will pay you well. "
What's a memory stone?
"It allows one to archive memories for future generations. I hope to do this for my children, who have grown estranged.
Invoke my stone at the locations I've marked on your map and the memories I wish to archive will manifest."
All right, I'll use your memory stone as requested.
"I thank you for your aid. Fewer than ever are willing to aid their elders in these troubled times, though I suppose the distance with my children is my fault, not theirs."
Tell me mote about this memory stone.
"It is a rare gem. Once long ago, Redguard warriors carried them into battle. One of the Most famous was a sword-singer in the first age. Makela Leki.
No historians will cherish my thoughts, certainly, but perhaps my children will come to, in time."
How did you acquire a memory stone?
"I purchased it from my master, Drenim, a Telvanni mage of middling repute. I have served him for... how long? Many, many years. For as long as I can remember.
I will serve him until I die, no doubt, but that will not be long now."
Was thatvone of your children you were arguing with before we spoke?
"Ah, yes. Mils. My son has never really forgiven me for never being here for them. He's a stranger in my own home.
No, if anything it's the other way around. Even Neria has grown accustomed to my absence."
You feel Neria resents you, too?
"Neria less than Mils, but both my children grew up largely on their own. My duties to Master Drenim consumed a great deal of my time.
Mils, especially, grew up with Neria and no one else. He despises me, and I don't blame him."
Why didn't you spend more time with your children?
"You'll know soon enough. As will they, I hope.
failed them as a father, but... they are safe, aren't they? I kept them safe."
What will happen when i use this memory stone?
"I cannot travel with you, but i have attuned this stone to my soul when you use it at the locations I've marked, it will summon... echoes of things that once occurred there.
The stone absorbs these echoes, allowing others to view them."

Balmora Valley memory:

Bravora Faren: "Oh, Gilan, look! A Dwemer gear. Its on remarkably good condition."
Gilan Lerano: "Yes, wonderful, I'll mark it down."
Bravora Faren: "And here, another. Could these have fallen off the ruins?"
Gilan Lerano: "Yes, ah... that is peculiar."
Bravora Faren: "Is something the matter, dear? You seem distracted today."
Gilan Lerano: "Nothing's the matter! I'm just... I'm nervous. "
Bravora Faren: "Whatever for? If a thing attacks us, I'll protect you."
Gilan Lerano: "I'm not nervous about an attack, Bravora! It's just... well... there's no good way to say this."
Bravora Faren: "To say what?"
Gilan Lerano: "Marry me."
Bravora Faren: "Are you serious?"
Gilan Lerano: "That's... not the response I hoped for."
Bravora Faren: "Gilan, of course I'll marry you! I love you. I just expected something more dramatic."
Gilan Lerano: "Well, I planned to propose at the falls, but today we didn't go to the falls. I had to improvise."
Bravora Faren: "And this is why you've been so nervous?"
Gilan Lerano: "Yes. Wait—did you just agree to marry me?
Bravora Faren: "Yes Gilan. A dozen times yes. My dear, distracted, adorable archivist, I will marry you."
Gilan Lerano: "That's wonderful!"
Bravora Faren: "Isn't it?"
Gilan Lerano: "Oh Bravora, you won't regret this. You are the stars to my sky."
Bravora Faren: "Dis you just cone up with that?"
Gilan Lerano: "Well, ah, no. I've been saving it for the right time."

Caldera Crater memory:

Bravora Lerano: "This place is fascinating! I wonder how long it has pain undisturbed?"
Gilan Lerano: "It could be years. Decades, even!"
Bravora Lerano: "I'd hoped to find more Dwemer relics, but I suppose the view is inspiring."
Gilan Lerano: "It certainly is."
Bravora Lerano: "Flattered. You can see this view anywhere now, can't you?"
Gilan Lerano: "And yet I never grow tired of looking."
Bravora Lerano: "Speaking of looking... we should start viewing larger homes."
Gilan Lerano: "What's wrong with our current home?"
Bravora Lerano: "It's rather small isn't it?"
Gilan Lerano: "It's cozy! Just enough room for you and me."
Bravora Lerano: "And you don't see how that could become a problem?"
Gilan Lerano: "I, uh... no?"
Bravora Lerano: "Well, you've done a lot more than look since we married, dear."
Gilan Lerano: "At houses...? Wait—Bravora?"
Bravora Lerano: "Yes?"
Gilan Lerano: "You're pregnant?"
Bravora Lerano: "That happens when one enjoys the view, doesn't it?"
Gilan Lerano: "That's wonderful! I'm going to be a father!"
Bravora Lerano: "Yes, dear. Yes you are."
Gilan Lerano: "We need a new house! With a real kitchen—and a second bedroom! Perhaps, even three bedrooms?"
Bravora Lerano: "One step at a time, dear."

Balmora Overlook memory:

Gilan Lerano: "Open your eyes! Please open your eyes!"
Bravora Lerano: "Are they gone?"
Gilan Lerano: "Yes! You fought them off."
Bravora Lerano: "Oh good. Dying for nothing... would have been embarrassing."
Gilan Lerano: "You're not going to die. I won't allow it!"
Bravora Lerano: "That's... ambitious of you."
Gilan Lerano: "I can mend more than a scraped knee, you'll see. Just... don't move."
Bravora Lerano: "Oh... that feels better."
Gilan Lerano: "I told you...! You're still bleeding. Just a little more!"
Bravora Lerano: "Gilan...."
Gilan Lerano: "I can save you! I will save you!"
Bravora Lerano: "Take care of the children. For me. Promise."
Gilan Lerano: "We'll take care of them together."
Bravora Lerano: "Promise me."
Gilan Lerano: "I will, I promise! But—keep your eyes open!"
Bravora Lerano: "I wish I could."
Gilan Lerano: "Bravora!"
Bravora Lerano: "You've made these years... so wonderful...."
Gilan Lerano: "Bravora? Bravora!"

Balmora memory:

Master Drenim: "Your wife signed a contract, Gilan. She did not complete it."
Gilan Lerano: "But... She died."
Master Drenim: "And now the crystals she was to procure for me have been acquired by my rival. "
Gilan Lerano: "I—I've lost the mother of my children!"
Master Drenim: "Your failings are not my problem."
Gilan Lerano: "We don't have enough money to pay you back."
Master Drenim: "Then we will sell you house."
Gilan Lerano: "We can't do that! Master, please! My children—"
Master Drenim: "May purchase their own dwelling, with their own money."
Gilan Lerano: "Neria's only just turned eight! And Mils..."
Master Drenim: "You would offer an alternative?"
Gilan Lerano: "What can I offer you?"
Master Drenim: "I understand you have some altitude for magic. You will serve me."
Gilan Lerano: "But... my children...."
Master Drenim: "Will remain in your home, so long as you do not violate our contract."
Gilan Lerano: "But who will raise them? When will I see them?"
Master Drenim: "You will see them when I don't need you. Or would you rather see them in the street?"
Gilan Lerano: "No, of course not. Thank you, Master Drenim. I will serve you."
Master Drenim: "You sign your contract today."

Returning to Gilan with the memory stone:

"Were you able to recover my memories? It's important they understand."
I collected the memories you asked for. Are there any more?
"No, no, thank you. You've recovered everything I need to explain... well, to talk with my children. I'm not sure my heart could endure any more of this. It feels like losing her all over again.
Please, could you do this old man one last favor?"
What is it you need?
"Ask my children to come visit me? I feel like I can finally leave them with the answers I've never been able to provide."
Tell Neria we need to talk about her mother. As for Mils, if he hesitates, tell him it's about the estate. His inheritance."
Where can I find them?
"Neria works at the stables. She's always been good with guar, something she inherited from her mother. Mils will likely be fishing on the canal, for dinner. He's always kept them both fed.
I'm so proud of both of them. I wish they understood."
I'll find them, Gilan.

Talking to him after the exchange:

"Please, find my children. I think... I think I need to go lay down. It's been a taxing day already."

When you return to Gilan, you will find him dead. However, after the quest is complete, a projection of him will appear from the memory stone, startling Mils:

Mils Lerano: "What? A ghost?"
Gilan Lerano: "Neria. Mils. I so regret not being there as you grew up. What I could never tell you is why my life was not my own."
Neria Lerano: "Sssh, Mils. I think this is a memory."
Gilan Lerano: "Soon, I'll be able to share the truth with you. To share everything with you. Thanks to the efforts of this kind traveler, I have archived my memories on this stone."
Gilan Lerano: "I hope one day... You will find it in your hearts to forgive me. And find the father, and mother, you never had here. "
Gilan Lerano: "I love you. I have always loved you. You've both made me so proud."
Neria Lerano: "Father..."
Mils Lerano: "Why? Why couldn't you just fade away like you always do? Why couldn't you just let me forget you?"
Neria Lerano: "Because it's not just about him, Mils, or you. Its about all of us. Our family, together at last."