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Home City Elden Root
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Genboril is a Bosmer found on the paths just outside of Elden Root, giving a tour to Elondil, Sahar, and Siramanwe. The route takes them between Elden Root, Sarandel's Carnival, and Haven.


She gives information about the city and answers questions along the way.

Genboril: "Elden Root! Verdant capitol of the Camoran dynasty!"
Genboril: "See how it rises above the ruins of Ayleidoon! A testament to the strength and vigor of the Bosmer people!"
Sahar: "A fine tree! Think of the ships we could build with one so tall!"
Elondil: "Indeed. A pity the life of the tree is so prized by the Bosmer. They've made some sort of accord with Hircine to preserve such things. Civilized Mer should look past such trivialties."
Genboril: "Can you not see the strength it affords us? The Graht-oak of Elden Root has stood for millenia! It has sheltered and fed thousands!"
Elondil: "And what has it gotten you? The Bosmer sit idly by in their borders, warring among themselves until the mer of value have to step in on your behalf."
Elondil: "Better to chop it down for tinder. The forest will hardly miss a few trees."
Genboril: "Thrice blasted son of a dreck-sifting root-munching bread-baking sot! May your ears be stuffed with whirlifly larvae, your bow-hand bitten by a rabid stoat ….
Moving on!"
Genboril: "Tread carefully, friends. Wouldn't want the forest to swallow you up!"

They will occasionally pass by the Khajiit in front of the Altmer embassy.

Genboril: "Here, you can see our Khajiiti allies! Fastened beneath Elden Root tighter than a Hoarvor in the Strid."
Sahar: "Forgive my ignorance, honored guide, but what is a hoarvor? Sahar has never heard of such a thing."
Genboril: "Not spent much time in the Valenwood, eh? Haven't happened upon one of the blood-swilling, scampering, filth-ridden beasts that …."
Siramanwe: "Your people are held very close to the heart of the Dominion, where they will remain for quite a time. Does that about sum up your sentiment, Genboril?"
Genboril: "Erm … yes. That about covers it."
Genboril: "Let's keep going."

They will pass the Carnival on the way to Haven.

Genboril: "Behold—another blight upon what was once unbroken green."
Siramanwe: "Is that Sarandel's Carnival? Oh, I love their trained shalks!"
Sahar: "Shalks? Do they not spit fire and breathe flame? Is that not dangerous in a forest?"
Elondil: "A little singed foliage is a small price to pay for such novelties. I simply must return after the conclusion of our tour."
Genboril: "A little singed—King Camoran Aeradan must be told of this madness!"
Genboril: "Come along!"

They will also pass by Haven.

Genboril: "This is Haven. A prime piece of coastline the Altmer so graciously liberated from the forest. To share, they say, their immense wisdom with their poor, leaf-wearing cousins."
Elondil: "And rightly so. A natural harbor fit with moorings barely capable of supporting light watercraft. We did you a favor."
Sahar: "Sahar must agree. While your preservation of the green is laudable, trade was stagnant before the Altmer opened Haven for trade."
Genboril: "It's not that we don't appreciate the … help provided us by the High Elves. But why trade when the forest supplies all we need?"
Elondil: "Begging your pardon, Genboril, but isn't your bow shaped from Cherrywood? Or did one of your trees give it to you?"
Genboril: "Enough. I admit trade agreements have their place—especially in a war—but what are we fighting for if Bosmer traditions are lost as a result?"
Elondil: "Honestly, you would think we chopped down the Valenwood! We are paying your traditions as much heed as we can, as far as we understand them! And we've done what we had to—to maintain civilized conduct!"
Genboril: "We'll see if you can stop yourself there. I rather doubt it."
Genboril: "That's enough for today. Let's return to Elden Root. I'm sure the humidity is getting to some of you."