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Frederique Gimbert
Location Westwind Lighthouse
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Frederique Gimbert

Frederique Gimbert is a Breton and the keeper, along with her husband Parquier, of the Westwind Lighthouse.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After you come across a groggy Parquier Gimbert, he will tell you how a Hagraven tried to get fresh with him and made him lose his wife's mace. Parquier will also mention that the he saw the Hagraven head towards the lighthouse and will ask you to save his wife from her predations. However, when you arrive at the lighthouse, you'll just find a woman standing outside, looking for someone.

You can then awkwardly ask her about her identity.

"Is there something I can do for you? I really am rather busy at the moment."
Umm, are you a hagraven?
"Of course not! Do I look like a monster to you? Let me guess. You met my drunken waste of a husband, Parquier?
I'm sure he was remorseful, hungover, and telling tall tales. And he probably wasn't wearing any shoes."
He said a Hagraven took his mace. And his shoes.
"He lost the Mace of Doumant Belland? Again? And tried to blame a Hagraven?
I found him last night, drunk as a naked Nord and refusing to listen to a word I said. He ran off, waving the mace and yelling incoherently about mudcrabs and his manly charms."
I promised him that I'd find the mace. Any idea where I should look?
"Parquier probably dropped it near the river. It's not that far. Just head toward the mountains and you'll run right into it. Maybe you'll find his shoes while you're out there, too.
In any event, I'm grateful for your help."
Your mace has a fancy name. / Tell me about your mace. It has a fancy name?
"And a remarkable pedigree, as well. My ancestor, Doumont Belland, carried it proudly into battle. Most notably, it helped him win the Second Battle of Shornhelm. Or was it the Third Battle of Northpoint?
Well, it's oh so important to my family."

Speaking to her again before you go off on the errand:

"I'll wait here until you return. I want to be around when my drunken spouse gets back so we can discuss how I apparently remind him of a screeching Hagraven."

After returning her mace and Parquier's shoes to her husband, Frederique will emerge from the lighthouse to give Parquier a proper scolding and remind him to put his shoes on.

Frederique Gimbert: "There's my brave warrior. As bare-footed as the day I met him! Do you remember anything from last night?"
Parquier Gimbert: "There you are, my sweet! I battled a Hagraven last night. Or was it a mudcrab?"
Frederique Gimbert: "Yes, dear. Of course, dear. And what did I tell you about wearing shoes? You promised you'd put them on whenever you left the lighthouse."

Speaking with her afterwards:

"Thank you for returning my mace. My husband always loses things, and he refuses to put on a decent pair of shoes, but I do love him so.
As soon as he's sober, though, we're going to have a talk about why I remind him of a Hagraven."