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Home City Marbruk
Location Mages Guild
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Forthor is a Bosmer member of the Mages Guild found in the hall located in the city of Marbruk.

Related Quests[edit]


Forthor's Cursed Axe[edit]

Before the related quest, he only says, "Sorry, not doing any business today." After finding his cursed axe, you can show it to him.

I found this axe in Gurzag's Mine. Is it yours?
"You found it where? Wait. You brought the axe back? It's here with you?"
You don't want it back?
"Absolutely not! Get it away from here, immediately! I cursed that axe myself! It draws the spirits and undead like flies to honey."
You sold a cursed axe to the Orcs?
"Of course! I wanted them out of the mine, out of Greenshade. You see what they do to the forest, everywhere they go? They cut down everything in sight! Although if you're standing here, I suppose the axe worked. That's actually good news."
What do I do? Destroy it?
"No, that's not necessary. Now that it has served its purpose, I'll simply remove the enchantment. You can keep it! A souvenir. Now, give it here."
Here you go.

You can then watch him remove the enchantment.

Forthor: "Now, let's see about this curse."
Forthor: "Done. Good as new."
"There. That's done. The curse is gone. Now the only danger this axe poses is the sharp end."
So, I can have the axe?
"Absolutely! You've brought the best news I've heard in several weeks. Enjoy your trophy."

If you talk to him again afterwards, he'll still be pleased with your news:

"The cursed axe worked even better than I expected!"
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